Where It’s Made: the Inside Scoop on Our Beacon Manufacturing

A little while ago, one of our Twitter followers asked us “is your iBeacon hardware 100% Made in China?” Not that there is anything wrong with manufacturing in China, but we understand that this is an important consideration for many people.
So we decided to do a little digging, and take some time to address this particular concern. We’re gonna tell you where all the parts in our Beacons come from, and where they are made.

Our beacons / iBeacon™ devices are 100% made in the EU. However it is also true that the further down you go through the manufacturing and sourcing chain, you inevitably find a larger global network of participants.
Let’s start at the top.

Our iconic casing is designed in Poland, and it is made of recyclable ABS plastic imported from a factory in Germany. Where the hydrocarbons come from to make the plastic is determined by our supplier, but inevitably must come from an oil-producing country.

Molding process

The actual molding process is done in Rzeszow (Poland), where we also take care of any needed customization (logos, colors, and what have you).

We must also import the various chips and processors needed to make our Beacons work (they right now come from Norway). From there we start to assemble our product at another facility in Gdansk (also in Poland).

This includes the assembling the needed chips, electricals, the circuit board, and of course soldering it all together. Where the silicon and other raw materials come from is also determined by our supplier, but inevitably must come from where those materials are easily available.

Beacons programming and configuration process

The Beacons finally come to our facility in Kraków – where all the programming and configuration takes place. We do it this way to assure better security, by making sure the proper procedures are followed at this critical stage.

Before closing the case, we add a coin cell battery. Depending on availability, the batteries may come from the Philippines, Indonesia, Switzerland, or the United States (you can check the battery yourself to determine this).

Beacons manufacturing – 100% made in the EU

Once the battery is inside; we close the case and prepare for packaging, then shipment to our  growing family of customers.
In conclusion, our Beacons are 100% made in the EU, though some raw materials must be sourced from a global supplier that meets our needs, and the needs of our customers.


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