Occupant Experience

Humanize your workspace where employees and visitors feel safe, valued, and productive.

Over the past 20 years, ‘smart’ building investments focused on connecting water pumps, elevators, and HVAC systems. It’s time to shift focus and innovate the occupant experience. Foster occupants’ sense of safety, spatial awareness, comfort, and ease of access. Make their commute to the office a worthwhile effort.

Staff Safety

Create a safe workplace with the industry’s most reliable and scalable staff safety solution. Get a location-aware alert whenever a staff member needs assistance or faces a safety threat. Optimize your security with historical trends and insights.

Smart Badge

Get Help In Seconds.

Two discreet, programmable buttons – one for assistance, one for security – in one lightweight, ultra-thin card holder.

Simply press the button and instantly communicate identity, type of help needed, and location in the building.

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Smart badge for staff location and assistance
Silent Alerts

A Silent Alert With Room-Level Accuracy.

Our precision mapping technology provides staff member identity and an auto-focus view of the exact location, with continuous real-time location updates.

Alerts are delivered in-app, via text, email, and our turnkey web app.

Use your existing infrastructure or Kontakt.io’s enterprise BLE network for live, complete, and building-wide coverage.

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Smart badge for staff location and assistance
Security Trend Analysis

Stop Staff Duress Before It Happens.

Our data analysis tools reveal high-risk areas and times, gauging the effectiveness of your security protocols so you can design for robust prevention.

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Staff Journey Analytics

Optimize schedules and processes by tracking how your staff move through pre-planned routes to perform tasks, such as facility maintenance. Eliminate unnecessary check-ins or distractions and make your operations more efficient, agile, and responsive.

Smart Badge

100% Visibility Into
Your Staff Journey.

Our Smart Badge automatically delivers complete visibility into nurse movements and interactions, eliminating the need for manual inputting.

The ultra-thin, ergonomic design and 4-year battery life mean no multi-badge hassle and one less thing for your staff to worry about.

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AI Cloud Analytis

Scan For Hidden Inefficiencies.

Our powerful AI-driven analytics provide holistic insight into workflow patterns, bottlenecks, actual time spent on tasks vs perceived time, and more.

Precision mapping shows you at a glance where staff members are, who’s been waiting, and for how long.

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Workflow Automation

Nimble Schedules. Automated Processes.

Data-driven insights allow you to redesign workflows and office spaces, automate processes, eliminate paperwork, and strike the optimal balance between efficiency and quality of work.

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Indoor Navigation

Provide your staff and visitors with real-time maps, step-by-step directions, and automatic floor detection — directly within your preferred applications. Help people quickly locate resources, people, and amenities.

Anchor Beacon

Superior Accuracy. Unwavering Longevity.

Unlock accurate navigation with the Anchor Beacon 2. Even better, utilize your existing Portal Beams to complement Anchor Beacon 2 and enhance accuracy.

BLE connected and cloud managed,
the Anchor Beacon 2 comes with 8-year battery life. Easy to monitor via real-time alerts on device health.

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Stress-free Navigation

A Smart Guide
At Your Fingertips.

Guide people from point A to point B with turn-by-turn directions, indoor-outdoor transition, automatic floor detection, and other top features.

Real-time maps help you see where you are and quickly find any points of interest, such as a meeting room or cafeteria.

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Easy Integration

Seamlessly Managed at Facility Scale.

Peel-and-stick Anchor Beacon 2 is made with simplicity. Onboard and bulk-register with one click and configure over the air.

Easily embed location & navigation data into your own applications with our mobile SDK.

Leverage your existing iBeacon-enabled Wi-Fi access points and Portal Beams
as part of the wayfinding infrastructure.

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Environmental Monitoring

Continuously monitor critical conditions in each room, floor, or building. Understand the temperature, humidity, light, motion, air quality, and air pressure. Provide a safer and healthier work environment.

Portal Beam

Six Sensors In
One IoT Device.

The Portal Beam allows free airflow through an array of six sensors that capture a detailed fingerprint of the environmental conditions. It produces live data to help you keep conditions at optimal levels in any area.

Unbox and attach the Portal Beam to the ceiling and start consuming event streams in minutes, not months.

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Real-Time Alerts

Respond Faster With Immediate Alerts.

Our cloud platform allows you to configure and customize real-time alerts on temperature, air quality, and humidity, so you can respond and troubleshoot quickly.

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API Integration

Out-Of-The Box Compatibility.

Take the environmental data to the next level with your own applications.

Through open APIs, we give you the flexibility to further enable customization and automation, to meet the unique needs of your spaces.

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“We have a great team from Kontakt.io to support us. That, coupled with their reliable and top-class location services for our people-centric business of staff safety, is a compelling combination.”