Indoor Journey Analytics

Orchestrate your business around its core activity — serving a customer — by understanding their indoor journey through your service delivery.

A Framework to Build Responsive Businesses

We cater to businesses that encompass equipment, space, staff and workflow expertise to deliver value to customers. The tools we build are designed to help you see your business through the eyes of your customer, enabling you to better orchestrate staff, equipment and space according to changing needs.

Focus Your Business on the Human Journey

From a patient receiving care in a hospital, to an employee collaborating with colleagues in the office, to a passenger changing flights in an airport, to a nurse providing care to a new mother…

It’s a human journey that should be the center of your business.

Customer Journey Analytics

A Suite of Digital Services

A Suite of Digital Services


Powered by a data lakehouse and utilizing on-demand computing and database services,’s Customer Journey Analytics solution is a suite of services, currently available in beta version to selected customers.


  • SOC2 & HIPAA Secured Data Lakehouse
  • Data Science Tools & Model Training APIs
  • Data Visualization & Dashboards
  • Bottleneck Radar
  • Capacity Modeling & Forecasting
  • Experience Quality Management