Why Kontakt.io

We help healthcare and businesses deploy
resources and processes efficiently and
make your customers and staff feel valued.

We Make
Things Easy

Easy to Use

Simplicity is harder than complexity. Each of our apps focuses on a single user and a specific problem. We create solutions for everyone to help them get things done.

Easy to Buy

We simplify pricing with a single, per-bed or per-room model that encompasses all the necessary products and services to achieve your desired outcomes.

Easy to Deploy

Using AI, cloud, and mobile technologies, our equipment autonomously communicates and validates itself without the need for human intervention, cutting deployment time from months to weeks or even days.

We Deliver
Fast Outcomes

#1 Time To Value

We accelerate your ROI and deliver positive outcomes to users faster than anyone else, thanks to how easy things work with our AI- and cloud-based platform.

Delivered As
A Service

Delivering everything from devices to apps to support, our as-a-service model allows you to add new use cases with a simple click. Gain agility and speed like never before.


We deliver outcomes, not boxed equipment. From on-site installation to monitoring, all the way to service-level agreements, our approach is uniquely designed to ensure the outcomes you need.


for Scaling

We offer scalable pricing, regardless of your project size. Enabling our customers to create value cost-effectively is a key element of our success.

A Platform
for Scaling

Lower TCO, quicker adoption of new use cases, extensive cloud scalability, and future-proofing your IT investments are among the many reasons why Kontakt.io is right for you.

for Scaling

SOC-2 and HIPAA compliant, our platform integrates with your wireless and security infrastructure, allowing you to use your current IT network with confidence and uninterrupted functionality.

The Kontakt.io Impact

+ 1.2 Billion

Sq. Ft. Covered

+ 3.2 Million

Active IoT Devices

+ 30,000

End Users

+ 1,200


“Kontakt.io is genuinely committed to improve operational efficiency, reduce the burden on nurses and other staff, and ensure that patient care is focused on the patient as opposed to other distractions. Finally, this leadership team is highly competent, meets their commitments and operates with impeccable ethics.”

“Integrating the Kontakt.io technology into our current wireless technology and making the contacts actually work with our wireless access points was one of the key factors to get this deployment to be effective. The whole project, from app development to go-live, took only three or four months. This is not just a patient tool, but also an operational tool to improve how we deliver service to our customers.”

“Working with Kontakt.io was incredibly simple. The set up took just days, they pre-programmed the tags to work with our system and once the devices shipped, we just plugged them in and that was it. It’s a very simple process.”