Patient Experience

Orchestrate patient journey and digital services for
optimal patient flow, outcomes, and satisfaction.

Put patients back at the center of care delivery and see through their journey. Gain the single source of truth about their location, movement, need, and friction. Boost your patient flow, outcomes, satisfaction scores, and revenue.

Patient Elopement

400k patients leave hospitals every year without an authorized discharge.
Proactively avoid elopement, wandering, and abduction across your facility.
Protect your patients and community against health or security risks.

Nano Tag

Reliable Tracking & Comfort.

Small, lightweight, and unobtrusive, the BLE Nano Tag is compatible with your hospital bands and designed for ultimate patient comfort.

When activated, it sends always-on signal to your network with precise patient location information.

Replace expensive and ineffective manual observation. Tag your patients at scale, activate with a quick press, and let it run for up to three months.

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24/7 Protection

Enable Rapid Responses to Elopement.

Safeguard patients, staff, and others by setting digital boundaries that are monitored 24/7.

Receive immediate alerts when patients stray beyond safe boundaries set for them.

Get live map views with real-time location info, reliable reporting, automated workflows, and more features out of the box.

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Elopement Analysis

Improve Your Spaces with Data.

Beyond reacting to elopement events, our AI-powered analytics offer you insights into patterns of patient movement and risk areas.

Leverage the data to proactively improve or redesign your physical environments, and save $10K from costs related to each patient elopement event.

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Indoor Navigation

Provide your patients and their family members with real-time maps, step-by-step directions,
and automatic floor detection — directly within your preferred applications.

Anchor Beacon

Superior Accuracy. Unwavering Longevity.

Unlock accurate navigation with the Anchor Beacon 2. For enhanced accuracy, utilize your existing Portal Beams to complement Anchor Beacon 2.

BLE connected and cloud managed, the Anchor Beacon 2 has a 8-year battery life. Plus, monitor and receive real-time alerts on device health.

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Stress-free Navigation

No More Missed Appointments.

Guide your patients to their exact appointment location with turn-by-turn directions, indoor-outdoor transition, automatic floor detection, real-time maps, and other key features.

Reduce patient stress and anxiety in your hospital. Avoid inefficiencies or costs due to missed or late appointments.

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Easy Integration

Seamlessly Managed at Facility Scale.

Peel-and-stick Anchor Beacon 2 is made with simplicity. Onboard and bulk-register with one click and configure over the air.

Easily embed location & navigation data into your own applications with our mobile SDK.

Leverage your existing iBeacon-enabled Wi-Fi access points and Portal Beams as part of the wayfinding infrastructure.

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Patient Room Display

Inform clinicians and other hospital staff of important patient information before delivering care. Enable seamless handoffs, care coordination, and care checklists. Increase patient satisfaction scores by improving their communication, engagement, and confidence.

Digital Signage

Critical Information at a Glance.

Use a digital whiteboard to share information between patients, staff, and family members.

Improve communication and ensure everyone is on the same page with the patient’s care plan, medication schedule, and other important information.

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Automated Alerts

Improve Patient Confidence & Ease of Mind.

Our solution automatically detects BLE badges and shows real-time notifications on the digital whiteboard whenever someone enters the patient room.

Give your patients peace of mind by knowing the identity and function of the care provider in the room.

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“ is genuinely committed to improving operational efficiency, reducing the burden on nurses and other staff, and ensuring that patient care is focused on the patient as opposed to other distractions. Finally, this leadership team is highly competent, meets their commitments, and operates with impeccable ethics.”

“Integrating the technology into our current wireless technology and making the contacts actually work with our wireless access points was one of the key factors to get this deployment to be effective. The whole project, from app development to go-live, took only three or four months. This is not just a patient tool, but also an operational tool to improve how we deliver service to our customers.”

“Working with was incredibly simple. The set up took just days, they pre-programmed the tags to work with our system and once the devices shipped, we just plugged them in and that was it. It’s a very simple process.”