Care Operations

Transform daily operations for optimal asset utilization and exceptional patient outcomes.

Eliminate inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and friction throughout your care delivery journey.
Achieve 10x ROI within months with radical operational excellence and superior asset utilization.

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Medical Equipment Management

Keep Track of Your High Value Assets

Keep Track of Your High Value Assets


Stop wasting money on replacing equipment that isn’t lost. Shift your focus from equipment search to patient care. Our real-time RTLS pinpoints the exact location of any asset you want to track.

Our AI-powered analytics offer clear insights into how your equipment is being utilized, where it’s needed most, and how much you really need to reorder.


  • Optimize PAR Levels & Right-Size Your Inventory
  • Increase Asset Utilization By 30%
  • Save $5M Annually On Supplies

Wheelchair Tracking

Optimize Utilization & Availability

Optimize Utilization & Availability


U.S. hospitals lose 100K wheelchairs annually, adding up to a $100M loss. Know where your wheelchairs are, access them as soon as you need them, and automate workflows in high-volume areas. Unlock significant cost savings and reduce injuries and other health risks related to wheelchair shortages.


  • Automate PAR Level Workflows
  • Reduce Patient Health Risks
  • Save Up To $75K Per Year

Bed Management

Boost Patient Intake and Flow

Boost Patient Intake and Flow


Inefficient bed management is the culprit of a series of problems, from bed shortages to delays in bed turnovers to long wait times to loss of staff productivity. Our location-based IoT solution gives you real-time visibility into bed location and usage status to make the best use of your bed capacity.


  • Improve Bed Utilization
  • Optimize Patient Movement
  • Enhance Patient Safety

“ is genuinely committed to improving operational efficiency, reducing the burden on nurses and other staff, and ensuring that patient care is focused on the patient as opposed to other distractions. Finally, this leadership team is highly competent, meets their commitments, and operates with impeccable ethics.”

“Integrating the technology into our current wireless technology and making the contacts actually work with our wireless access points was one of the key factors to get this deployment to be effective. The whole project, from app development to go-live, took only three or four months. This is not just a patient tool, but also an operational tool to improve how we deliver service to our customers.”

“Working with was incredibly simple. The set up took just days, they pre-programmed the tags to work with our system and once the devices shipped, we just plugged them in and that was it. It’s a very simple process.”