Staff Experience

Improve safety, optimize workflows, reduce attrition, and help your staff feel seen and valued.

Empower your clinicians to deliver quality care in a safer and more productive environment, with the right resources precisely where and when you need them. Propel financial performance by improving staff safety, wellness, and attrition.

Staff & Nurse Safety

Get your staff the right help whenever needed before it’s too late. Our rapid response solution helps prevent injuries or mental distress to nurses and staff. Save up to $5 million per year by reducing lost work days,
cost of wages, and attrition.

Smart Badge

2-in-1 Smart Badge. Get Help Right Away.

Two discreet, programmable buttons – one for assistance, one for security – in a single lightweight, ultra-thin card holder.

Staff can simply press a button and instantly communicate their identity, type of help needed, and location with room-level accuracy.

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Real-time Alerts

Immediate Alerts. Room-Level Accuracy.

Our precision mapping technology gives you the staff member’s identity and an auto-focus view of the exact room location, with continuous real-time updates.

Alerts are delivered in app, text, email, and more via our turnkey web app.

Use your existing infrastructure or’s enterprise BLE network for live, facility-wide coverage of all staff members.

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Security Trend Analysis

Stop Staff Duress Before It Happens.

Our data analysis tools reveal high-risk areas and times, gauging the effectiveness of your security protocols so you can design for prevention.

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Staff Journey Analytics

We uncover how your staff actually works, shift to shift, revealing bottlenecks, friction, and opportunity.
That means more efficient workflows, less time squandered on manual busy work, no more burnout,
and a staff that feels understood and valued.

Smart Badge

100% Visibility Into Your Staff Journey.

Our Smart Badge automatically delivers complete visibility into nurse movements and interactions, eliminating the need for manual inputting.

The ultra-thin, ergonomic design and 4-year battery life, mean no multi-badge hassle and one less thing for your staff to worry about.

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AI Cloud Analytics

Uncover The Inefficiencies.

Our powerful AI-driven analytics provide holistic insight into workflow patterns, bottlenecks, actual time spent on tasks vs perceived time, and much more.

Precision mapping shows you at a glance where nurse and patients are, who’s been waiting and for how long.

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Workflow Automation

Put The Flow Back In The Work.

Data-driven insights allow you to redesign workflows and physical spaces, automate processes and paperwork, and strike the optimal balance between efficiency and quality of care.

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Hand Hygiene

Poor hand hygiene accounts for nearly 20,000 deaths a year in U.S. hospitals. We help save lives with automatic hand hygiene reminders, real-time monitoring, simplified compliance reporting, and automated dispenser resupply.

Smart Badge

100% Compliance Tracking.

Our Smart Badge triggers automatic hand hygiene reminders at the threshold and tracks individual compliance, eliminating the need for manual inputting.

Precise badge-level tracking identifies carriers and enables immediate isolation and containment.

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Simplified Reporting

Clear Insight. Automated reporting.

Our AI-driven analytics deliver compliance data at a glance, and the ability to dive deep into every level: hospital, department, role, time of day, or individual.

The system automatically traces lapses and identifies carriers for immediate isolation. A single click generates compliance reports to help you get ready for Joint Commission visits.

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Incident Prevention

Proactive Prevention Tools.

Our AI-powered analytics expose the root causes of hygiene issues, helping you to identify and prevent potential risks, as well as redesign care models and spaces for compliance and efficiency.

Additionally, our innovative approach enables gamified hygiene score competitions among staff members, building community and fostering positive habit improvements.

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Medical Devices On-Demand

At least one in three nurses spends more than an hour per shift looking for misplaced or hidden equipment. We help clinicians save time and focus on patient care by instantly locating the available equipment whenever they need it, with room-level accuracy.

Asset Tag

Locate Assets with Room-Level Certainty.

Attach a BLE-connected Asset Tag 2 or Asset Tag 2 Mini to a mobile asset to easily find equipment in nearby locations. Quickly filter equipment by floor, department, asset type, or status.

The Asset Tag 2 is packed with unrivaled features, including 8-year battery life, programmable buttons, an IR receiver, and is super lightweight.

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Just-in-time Availability

End Equipment Hoarding.

Our AI-enabled analytics and user-friendly applications help clinicians see the full picture and automate workflows. Re-establish trust by allowing them to quickly access a ready-to-use asset just in time for their needs.

Take the guesswork out of your supply and demand forecast. Put an end to equipment hoarding, overstocking, or perceived shortages.

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“ is genuinely committed to improving operational efficiency, reducing the burden on nurses and other staff, and ensuring that patient care is focused on the patient as opposed to other distractions. Finally, this leadership team is highly competent, meets their commitments, and operates with impeccable ethics.”

“Integrating the technology into our current wireless technology and making the contacts actually work with our wireless access points was one of the key factors to get this deployment to be effective. The whole project, from app development to go-live, took only three or four months. This is not just a patient tool, but also an operational tool to improve how we deliver service to our customers.”

“Working with was incredibly simple. The set up took just days, they pre-programmed the tags to work with our system and once the devices shipped, we just plugged them in and that was it. It’s a very simple process.”