Patient Experience & Elopement Prevention

Keep patients safe and develop a deep understanding of patient journeys throughout your entire facility with enterprise-wide, Bluetooth® LE-based solutions and’s human-friendly Nano Tag.

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$202.6 billion
that’s how much the AHA estimates American hospitals and health systems lost over the first 4 months of Covid-19.
While the revenue lost from cancelled elective surgeries will be recovered from a surge of post-COVID patients, hospitals will still be faced with workflow, throughput, and wait time issues that can be now streamlined with IoT solutions.

How Amazingly Simple Patient Workflows & Elopement Solutions Work

  • Know Where Your Patients Are
    Equip your patients, especially the most vulnerable ones, with disposable Nano Tags to track where they move around the hospital. See on a digital map where they are in near real-time.
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  • Keep Your Patient Safe
    Overworked nurses need technology to help them. With IoT patient elopement solutions a nurse can receive an immediate alert via a text message if a patient is leaving a designated area.
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  • Optimize ED & OR and Outpatient Flows
    A dashboard displays info on wait times and examination duration, improving provider engagement and patient health outcomes by avoiding overcrowded departments.
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Patient Throughput Time to Value

Typical Patient Workflow deployment uses:
  • Room-level location beacon
  • Bluetooth® LE, wearable, patient tags
  • WiFi access points for data backhaul
Software application provides:
  • Real-time room-level location
  • Critical alarms and acknowledgement (mobile notifications, text, email and pager)
  • Data logging
  • System reliability and scalability with high availability and server redundancy



Compatibility with other devices and apps

Connectivity architecture

WiFi compatibility

System integration

Deployment type

Time to deploy 200-bed hospital

Cloud compatibility

Room-level certainty

3-6 months


Bluetooth® LE (Open Standard)


Open API


1 week

100% Cloud-enabled & secure

Yes (AI using Bluetooth® LE, Infrared, Occupancy, Motion)

Legacy Systems

18 months


900Mhz (Proprietary) / WiFi (Proprietary)

No / Yes


Certification and training needed; paid service

min 3 months

On-Premises server needed

Yes (Infrared)

Customer Success Stories

  • Michael Mistretta
    VP & CIO
    Virginia Hospital Center’s & Phunware solution has made it possible to provide telemedicine, video visits, and video vendors to their patients. These features are essential, especially during Covid-19 when people are required to maintain social distance.
  • Erik Devine
    Chief Information Security Officer
    Riverside Healthcare

    When we looked at the data collected by the medical pumps, we discovered that the combined amount of time the staff spent looking for the pumps added up to a full-time staff position. That means over forty hours a week was dedicated just to finding medical pumps!
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