Improving Patient Care
Through Location Aware Events

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Location & Condition-Aware Information At Your Fingertips

Clinical Staff
Patients & Families
Asset Management
Condition Monitoring

Staff Duress

Create a safer workplace environment with distress alerts to ensure immediate and effective response to staff duress situations.

Respond Faster to Alerts

Notify security staff and nurse station with the information of emergency location.

Decrease Risk of Duress Events

Use analytics and location data to understand which areas are prone to incidents of abuse.

Create Safer Workplaces

Increase staff sense of safety by equipping them with Staff Duress Badges.

Hand Hygiene Compliance

Capturing compromised hygiene events are crucial while taking care of patients. Decrease the anxiety of your medical staff by empowering them with real-time hand sanitation tracking.

Improve Patient Safety

Always know if a staff member has sanitized hands before examining the patient.

Improve Clinical Workflows

Let your medical staff focus on patient care. The smart hand hygiene compliance systems can automatically detect the event of hand sanitation without impacting clinical workflows.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Track and log individual hand-sanitizing events.

Nurse Call

Fast staff responsiveness is key to keeping your patients safe. The location services allow for real-time notifications sent directly to nurses’ mobile phones from where the staff can cancel calls or automatically initiate clinical workflow.

Increase Patient & Staff Satisfaction

Enhance communication capabilities for staff, faster response times for patients and a more hands-free approach to patient care.

Provide Supporting Documentation

Automate report creation to assist with containment of communicable diseases.

Optimize Workflows

Automate nurse-calling events and staff location in real-time.

Patient Wayfinding

Improve patient experience and decrease the number of missed appointments due to patient difficulty in navigating through the hospital.

Reduced Time Consumption and Anxiety

Leverage real-time location information to improve the experience for the patient and the patient’s family with turn-by-turn navigation.

Increase Revenue

Easily navigate your patients and visitors to designated rooms so that they don’t miss their appointments.

Improve Patient and Visitor Satisfaction

Improve orientation inside your indoor venue to increase the comfort of your visitors.

Patient ER/OR Flow

Reduce waiting time and increase family and patient satisfaction with real-time patient flow tracking in OR and ED.

Optimize Outpatient Flow

Analyze how much time patients spend in waiting rooms and how long it takes to examine them to improve workflows.

Improve Operational Rooms Workflows

See in real-time which rooms are occupied, and if critical assets for effective operating procedures are ready in the operating room.

Infectious Control

Leverage location data to monitor, detect, prevent, and control virus spread by identifying likely infection chains early on, ensuring the health and emotional well-being of medical staff.

Decrease Employee & Visitor Anxiety

Equip your visitors and employees with wearable lanyards or smart badges to prevent them from accessing infected areas.

Control the Virus Spread In Your Facility

Securely monitor infected individuals and their real-time and historical interactions with others anonymously.

Bed Management

Automate bed visibility and eliminate search time for fast room turnover by tracking bed locations in real time. Quickly learn whether a specific bed is still at the ward, was moved to a post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) or a patient room.

Optimize Patient Flow

Quickly identify how many beds are available in each hospital department using real-time location data. Simply use patient overview for a complete record of the locations they’ve visited within a time period that you define.

Boost HCAHPS Rating & Increase Hospital Revenue

Improve patient experience by knowing exactly how many available beds are in a room, a department, or any of your medical centers, so that you know instantly how many patients can be accepted or transported to a specific department.

Predict Bed Maintenance

Bed management, including retrieval and provisioning, automated registration of beds at checkpoints, and reminders of inspection intervals (bed position, cleaning or maintenance dates, etc.) are all made easier by IoT & location services.

Medical Devices Tracking

Medical devices tracking and management are essential solutions for clinical staff that help to automate and digitize their workflows to bring 99% transparency into IV pump and other medical devices readiness and location tracking.

Optimize Workflows

Measure time by patient vs. ideal time vs. clean time to allow for workflow optimization.

Reduce Risk of Non-Operational Equipment

Ensure that used pumps are collected promptly instead of sitting by beds or in ER bays for an extended period of time, improving availability.

Control Over-Investment in Unnecessary Inventory

Reduce so-called buffer inventory, allowing hospitals to save money by not having to buy extra pumps to allow for misplaced pumps or wasted time getting them cleaned.

IV Pump PAR Management

Empower clinical staff with automated and digitized IV pump workflows, bringing 99% transparency into IV Pump location tracking and PAR level management. 

Increase Patient Care

Relieve the clinical staff of manual IV pumps search.

Reduce Asset Management Costs

Automate the tracking of PAR level and the issuance of PAR work requests as notifications.

Reduce Search Time

Identify IV pumps close by, while selecting available pumps vs. in-use by patients.

Invisible: Automated Replenishment Process (W.I.P)

Automate the replenishment process for medical equipment supporting purchasing departments in hospitals by keeping track of stock and instantly notifying designated recipients about inventory status.

Reduces time spent managing inventory

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Improves inventory and capital management

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Creates transparency and aligns all stakeholders in the replenishment process

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Pharma Refrigerators

Record and track location and temperature data remotely, eliminating human errors and the need for manual reporting of medicines that require strict, temperature-controlled conditions.

Automate Compliance Monitoring

Access real-time and historical location and condition monitoring data anytime.

Ensure The Quality of Medicines

Decrease risks to patient health. Receive alerts in case of temperatures of stored medicines going out of range.

Eliminate Manual Paperwork

Stop filling out logs manually. Download the daily, weekly or monthly CSV reports which are automatically generated in the system.

Invisible: Humidity, Air Quality & Allergen Particle

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Invisible: Vibration Analysis

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Technology for locating and tracking employees, visitors, and other occupants of any sizable facility is now recognized as a powerful innovation for increasing safety, responding to emergencies, enabling more effective communication, and enhancing overall productivity.
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