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For Smart Workspaces

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Our mission is to make all workspaces
safer, healthier, and more occupant-friendly.
Our mission is to make
all workspaces safer, healthier, and more occupant-friendly.
Two industry leaders have teamed up to reimagine what IoT & WiFi 6 can do for workspaces. 
You’re invited to join us on this journey.
Workspace of the future. Made simple for
facility managers, building planners
& engineers, chief security officers.
Powered by Bluetooth® Low Energy and Cloud AI, Smart Workspaces Solutions
from Cisco DNA Spaces & help you deliver:
  • efficient workspace designs,
  • improved employee experiences,
  • resilient, safe, and flexible workspaces.
Occupancy Monitoring
for Better Space Utilization
“Did you know that 6-person conference rooms are usually occupied by ONLY 1 person.”
Easily manage booking with live occupancy data from Portal Beam. Optimize space utilization by monitoring real-time and overtime space  occupancy data, plan hot desking, and enable auto-release to inventory.
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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring for a Healthier Workplace
“EPA recommends that healthy indoor humidity is between 30-50%
The lower the indoor humidity, the more likely a virus will survive. Portal Beam tracks your indoor workspace humidity, temperature, air quality, and light level in real-time - so you’ll know when there’s a condition that needs attention.
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Footfall Traffic Monitoring for Safer Workplaces
Enable accurate people counting and smart mustering by knowing exactly how many and where your employees or visitors are located in case of an emergency or evacuation.
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Visitor Monitoring
for Higher Security
Enhances security management by delivering a consistent process that streamlines real-time visitor tracking while continuing to deliver on safety, security, and compliance. Minimize the likelihood of an event when a visitor deviates from their path or an escorted visitor is left alone.
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Reinventing how loT solutions are delivered
Use-Case Centric
We’ve pre-packaged smart workspaces use cases for real-time people occupancy, environmental monitoring, so you can make a real impact on your employee and visitor safety and experience.
Fits Your Budget
Start where your business focus is. You control the roadmap. 
We handle the scale.
Forget the complex setup. No need for IT heavy lifting. We will provide you with the devices, software, and training to digitize your workplace in less than a month.
Keeping everything connected under
one OPEN standard.
All smart workspaces apps and IoT devices powered by & WiFi 6
enabled Cisco Catalyst access points with DNA Spaces.
How it Works
Step 1
Answer a few
basic questions
Your feedback will
help us size up the
right kit for you

Step 2
We ship you
a starter kit
Our team of experts
pre-configure your kit.
When it arrives - it’s a
plug & play experience!

Step 3
Plug in your device
and tag your assets
With remote help, or on-site if
you need it, the deployment
process lasts a few days
and does not require IT skills
or expertise.

Step 4
Log in!

Start to explore your kit - from
its live data feed and
workspace features. Including
occupancy monitoring, people
counting, access control, indoor
wayfinding, environmental
monitoring, and more!
Ready, let’s size it up for you!
How many people work
in your office?
How big is your office
(in square feet)?
How many meeting rooms do you have in your office?
How many hot desking seats are allocated in your office?
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