Infrastructure Management


Monitor and maintain a healthy device fleet with minimal operational expenses. Protect your devices and data with dedicated end-to-end security.

Device Management

Minimize time, complexity, and cost spent managing thousands of Bluetooth devices.

Security Suite

Prevent successful attacks on devices, data, and applications.

Preventive Device Maintenance

Increase hardware uptime through predictive maintenance.

Fleet Management with Gateways

A cost-effective and enterprise-ready way to manage your beacons from anywhere in the world.

Device Management

  • Update your devices over-the-air via the Rest API, SDKs, Gateways, and select 3rd party Gateways and WiFi Access Points.
  • Define your smart infrastructure categorizations, assign meta tags, and setup dedicated venues and ownership profiles.
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Enterprise Grade Security Suite

  • Secure Communication means no passwords are sent over-the-air. All data is encrypted and no other devices in the chain can see what is being communicated to a given beacon.
  • Shuffling Majors, Minors, and MAC addresses every day ensures that no one can store and use your beacon information without your consent.
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Preventive Device Maintenance

  • Alert administrators and users in case of hardware loss or damage via email, SMS or in-app notifications.
  • User-generated battery information through API, SDKs, and Gateways help optimize preventive maintenance schedules based on device models, battery management, and individual settings.

Fleet Management via Gateway

- Monitor all your beacons' battery levels
- Remotely configure beacons
- Access to management API and Panel

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Fleet Management overview

1. Scanning

Gateway scans BLE devices in range.

2. API Request

Gateway sends a request to API for pending configurations for visible devices every minute. If there are pending configs, API sends them to Gateway

3. Management mode

Gateway enters the Fleet Management mode

4. Applying config

Gateway applies all received configurations (including beacon identifiers and interval, transmission power, security, and power saving settings) to devices while blinking blue and green interchangeably.

5. Response to API

Gateway sends response from each device to API, configs successful

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