Patient Wayfinding & Experience

Increase patient safety and satisfaction, and understand time consumption for patients, visitors and staff.


Improve Patient
and Visitor Safety

Simon AI immediately sends alerts to a predefined responder based on unauthorized entries and panic calls.


Reduced Time Consumption and Anxiety

Leverage real-time location information to improve the experience for the patient and the patient’s family with turn-by-turn navigation.


Outpatient Flow

Discover ways to optimize patient flow by analyzing how much time patients spend in waiting rooms and how long it takes to examine them.

Recommended Beacons Bluetooth Beacons

Our Smart Beacon SB18-3 and Beacon Pro BP16-3 are at work right now, in hospitals, clinics and pharma facilites all around the world. Their battery life, signal interval and transmission power are designed to deliver high performance in multiple use cases, with wayfinding being the ideal application of their features.


Indoor Navigation with Bluetooth Beacons

Verticals from healthcare and event management to public transportation are turning to wayfinding solutions. How will your competitors use it?

Beacon Buyer's Guide for Indoor Navigation and Other Use Cases

Understand the technical criteria, concepts and considerations that will make it easier to choose the right beacon solution for you. Find out which form factor is right for your solution.

Discover Products for Wayfinding

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[Updated for 2020]
[Updated for 2020]