July 6, 2022 | 2 minute

What is Corporate Real Estate (CRE)?

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Corporate Real Estate (CRE) is commonly-used term to refer to the real estate properties that businesses use or own to host their business activities. We usually associate CRE with office spaces full of desks, computers and meeting rooms but in fact CRE is a much broader term, including everything from warehouses to manufacturing plants to retail stores.

If it houses any part of the teams and processes needed to get a product to market or deliver a service, it falls within the definition of CRE.

In some cases, CRE may extend to the planning, design and management of these spaces as well. The line between CRE and property management or facilities management can become blurred but this is a matter for each organization to define for themselves.

CRE is often treated a separate market for statistical purposes, separating it from, for example, residential or other forms of real estate. As a subset of the overall property market, it can experience different occupancy rates, prices and availability than other similar but distinct forms of space.


A showcase for smart building solutions


CRE also has a special designation in the world of IoT, RTLS and smart building solutions as one of primary settings of leading-edge technological applications.

In the post-pandemic business landscape, property owners and managers are in search of solutions that will enhance the employee experience in workspaces and optimize office space commitments for financial reasons. CRE is the ideal setting for these solutions since they are based on data that is easily gathered in office spaces and, when applied, deliver measurable results that streamline workflows, improve the employee experience and boost productivity.

If you’re looking for ways to deliver a better employee experience, reduce CRE costs, and provide a safe, human-centric environment in your building, contact our team today and see how our solutions can help.