June 26, 2024 | 7 minute

The New CNIO: Driving Change With Outcome-Based Solutions

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As the Chief Nursing Informatics Officer (CNIO), you perform a critical role in driving change in healthcare systems. You implement various informatics and technologies to support nursing staff, particularly in essential areas like asset tracking and staff safety. The right use of technology and data analytics can help you transform and streamline your care operations for greater efficiency, accuracy, safety, and better patient outcomes and satisfaction.’s platform offers the ideal solution to bridge the gap between asset tracking and nurse safety to help you as the CNIO.

Technology in healthcare is constantly growing and evolving. From patient record keeping to diagnosing and treating conditions, managing assets, and ensuring the safety of both staff and patients, AI and technology have improved nearly every aspect of daily operations. As CNIO, your expertise is what drives change and ensures alignment between technology and clinical care. You work with leaders and staff to deploy solutions that address current healthcare challenges and meet future goals.

As a CNIO, you need to have a deep understanding of clinical practices, technical needs, informatics, and top-notch leadership skills to guide your nursing staff toward better patient outcomes. Your main responsibility is to streamline and improve, in part by implementing new and secure tech. By understanding the clinical side of operations, you can identify the most beneficial technology and ensure IT systems run smoothly, empowering nurses to focus on patient care instead of getting bogged down by administrative tasks. Your clinical know-how is crucial.

Ultimately, your role as a CNIO allows you to positively impact patient care and healthcare efficiency by selecting and integrating valuable technology that elevates safety, quality, and a patient-centered approach.

Driving change in healthcare systems

As a CNIO, you stand at the intersection of technology and clinical care, working every day to ensure alignment between both teams and processes.  You understand both crucial aspects of running a healthcare facility and strive to find technology-based solutions that enhance, rather than hinder, clinical practices.

With the evolution of the healthcare field, the need for strong leadership that bridges the gap between clinical and technical operations has become clear. You play a central role in designing and implementing informatics plans that streamline processes and lead to better patient care. Your deployment of tech solutions has made a significant impact on healthcare facilities, improving everything from operational efficiency to asset management to staff safety.

The intersection of asset tracking and staff safety

Two key areas of concern in healthcare facilities are asset tracking and staff safety. The true value emerges when these two systems are combined on a unified platform like the one provided by By operating on the same network, both asset tracking and staff safety solutions can share and analyze “big data” seamlessly. This integration allows for more precise and actionable insights that lead to right-sizing inventory and proactively preventing workplace violence.

Imagine a scenario where data from staff safety systems, such as panic buttons or location tracking, is analyzed alongside asset utilization data. This combined data can reveal patterns and trends that single-system analyses might miss. For instance, areas with frequent equipment shortages might also correlate with higher incidences of staff distress calls, indicating a need for resource reallocation or additional safety measures in specific zones.

The ROI on investing in these integrated tech solutions is significant. The overlap in systems reduces redundancy, lowers overall costs, and streamlines operations. By leveraging a single platform solution from, healthcare facilities can enhance both asset management and staff safety more effectively, leading to better resource utilization, reduced workplace incidents, and ultimately, improved patient care outcomes.

One technological solution for staff safety includes smart badges that allow staff to call for help and send discreet alerts with the push of a button. These alerts show security and other teams the precise, real-time location of the clinical worker wearing the badge, which powers rapid response that can prevent events and reduce the severity of events. It’s proven that these solutions also provide a greater sense of well-being for staff and improve retention.

Running a healthcare facility involves many intricacies that can impact your nurses’ ability to do their job well. Overcomplicated or inefficient systems add time, effort, and stress to every shift. Asset tracking integrated with AI streamlines these processes, providing your staff with the tools and support they need to deliver quality care in a secure environment that ensures their safety and well-being.

Introducing Bridging technology and nursing uses BLE-powered devices and an AI-integrated data platform to solve more than 20 use cases in the healthcare industry. Smart tags and smart badges equipped with unique identification numbers communicate with sensors and gateways placed throughout your facility, with all collected data stored and managed in the KIO cloud platform. You can access your data, communicate with staff members, and run data analysis at any time at a workstation or on the mobile app.

Through understanding how staff, patients, and assets move through the care delivery process,’s platform works to optimize workflows, improve safety, and uncover areas of waste and inefficiencies. The system’s solutions for healthcare include:

  • Medical equipment tracking and management
  • Wheelchair tracking
  • Bed management
  • Staff safety
  • Staff journey analytics
  • Medical device on-demand
  • Hand hygiene
  • Patient elopement and safety
  • Patient room display
  • Indoor navigation

The innovative platform provided by supports CNIOs in their initiatives to drive meaningful change.’s solutions are easy to use, quick to deploy, and highly scalable to adapt to your future needs. Plug-and-play devices delivered as a service can be ready to go live in a 400-bed hospital in as little as two weeks.

Hospitals that use see a marked improvement in operational efficiency, cost savings, patient satisfaction, and staff and patient safety. Deploying these solutions empowers your staff and makes them feel more confident in their personal security and ability to access the support and resources required to take care of their patients. These facilities already know the value after seeing in action:

  • Riverside Healthcare cut costs on equipment and eliminated the risk of patient elopement with RTLS & IoT capabilities powered by supplied a complete solution, from IoT devices and asset tags to gateways, patient wristbands, and a software solution that provided real-time tracking of assets and patients. This empowered nurses to do their jobs much more effectively and efficiently.
  • Virginia Hospital Center (VHC) reduced patient wait time and increased productivity and turnover with’s indoor navigation solution and BLE beacons for their 437-bed facility.’s BLE solution is integrated seamlessly with VHC’s existing platform.
  • The LA LGBT Center keeps its 800+ staff members safe with’s smart badge solution and strategically placed on-site alert buttons fully integrated across eight buildings.’s platform solution, BLE devices, and the AI-powered cloud keep all staff members connected with access to real-time data on assets, people, and even the care environment.’s partners transcend data silos, avoid bottlenecks, and correct blind spots, delivering new levels of efficiency, productivity, and safety across healthcare systems.

Future trends and innovations

Future trends in nursing informatics will likely bring further automation in record keeping and data collection, along with improved operations and AI-assisted diagnosis and treatment methods. is committed to assisting CNIOs in accessing the cutting-edge technology needed to keep their healthcare facilities operating at a competitive level while delivering exceptional care.

CNIOs can continue to drive change in healthcare systems by integrating advanced technology like to enhance healthcare delivery and safety. Real-time data and asset tracking capabilities are a cornerstone to ensure staff safety and efficient asset management, both of which are essential to the patient journey.

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