Partnership Announcement: Integrating with Cassia Networks

March 9, 2018

At, we believe that digitalization of the physical world can and should be easy. For the last five years, we’ve been making it so by developing light technology that’s easy to build upon. Now it’s time we take our mission one step further and make it easy for you to connect our stack to other platforms and infrastructure providers.
Today, we are excited to announce that the infrastructure is integrating with Cassia Networks. Cassia Networks technology solves the final Bluetooth IoT connectivity challenges. Thanks to this new partnership, all customers will soon have a new and reliable method of monitoring and managing their BLE devices. Cassia customers will be able to seamlessly integrate the solution with their Cassia routers, without the need to spend resources on developing their own integrations.

What will this integration mean to current and new Cassia Networks and customers?
All the data received from Cassia router scans will be sent to the Cloud. After purchasing Infrastructure Management or Location Engine, you will get access to:

  • Last seen beacons,
  • Battery level of all your beacons,
  • Telemetry stream,
  • RSSI stream,
  • *Fleet management.

    *Coming in next iterations.

Integrations are crucial to make the IoT a global ecosystem of connected infrastructures and technologies so we don’t stop here. We’re working on many other integrations so stay tuned for more partnership announcements.

Aneta Ciurkot

Director, Product Marketing

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