Beacon Company Success Stories: Interview with Elite-ID

Looking into beacons? Need some inspiring use cases? Here’s one of our favorite beacon company success stories to get you started.
Elite-ID has delivered tracking solutions since 1999. We talked to them about working with beacons, finding feedback, and creating success as a solution provider

These solutions are designed to help businesses stay on top of legal requirements and enable employees to verify their hard work. Now, they’re adding beacons to their arsenal. This means that throughout a site with beacons installed, managers and supervisors can see exactly when and how often their staff were at key locations.

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Some places Elite-ID works:

  • Shopping centers
  • Casinos
  • Hospitals
  • Swimming pools
  • Airports

We sat down with the established solution provider to learn how they use beacons, why, and how they’re gauging success.

How do you use beacons?

Ensuring staff are delivering service where required has a direct relationship to risk in cleaning and security applications. Companies who use the information we provide to ensure their staff have less slip and trip incidents, reduce litigation and medical fees, and have information to prove diligence. This proven direct causal relationship between staff attendance and risk has mandated our system in many shopping centers throughout Australia.
In other words: maximize staff productivity and minimize risk of litigation.

What metrics can you provide with beacons? How can you be sure they’re adding value?

  • The main indicator was the cost to our clients. Previously it would cost upwards of $1500 AUD to set up a small site, but with Kontakt Beacons and the AtSite mobile system, it can cost as little as $800 AUD or less. That cost reduction has opened up a whole new range of venues and sites for us that we previously wouldn’t have been able to get.
  • The next performance indicator was the creation of new vertical markets in new industries that we had never been able to penetrate before. Having AtSite with easy to use beacons, as well as cost effective, means that not only have new markets opened up to us, but also that the performance and detail our system provides has been greatly increased.

It is worth noting that while this may have begun as a project to us, it has become an ongoing and integral part of our business at Elite ID.
Since using beacons, our users have been amazed at how small, cheap, and easy to use they are. Previously when setting up a site with our other systems, it could take an entire day to have the site up and ready to go. With beacons, it can be installed in a few hours, sometimes even less. Obviously our users love this.

Why choose beacons over something else?

We initially developed a “point attendance” system using Dallas iButtons TM in 1999. This required the user to be at that exact location to touch the logger onto the iButton and then to proceed on in their duties. While this met the criteria for logging staff activities, it was disruptive and doesn’t suit the busy environments of many of our users.
Proximity is extremely useful to our clients. It doesn’t cause staff disruption. It’s simple and fast, it collects more data for our users, and provides all those benefits over our other touch based systems.
Beacons, being so small and relatively cheap, mean more key locations can be implemented at each site, giving our clients a higher resolution of staff performance. Along with this, no extra hardware is required. Our previous systems required an on site computer, but with staff using an iPod or iPhone, all that’s needed is an active internet connection. Along with these points, the simplicity is also a large factor. Staff no longer need to manually unload data or manage a computer. All the processing is done automatically through the iPhone.
Some key points for choosing beacons:
• Lower cost for beacons vs our custom built wireless transmitters
• No extra hardware required (such as on site computer or cables)
• Easier to use
• Easier and quicker to setup/maintain
• Small sites can now implement our system, where previously it would be cost prohibitive

What’s the best feedback you’ve received from customers?

Our largest client commented that he can install a site far quicker and with greater flexibility  than at any other time. They’ve installed in four states of Australia and are moving their total portfolio of approximately 100 sites to our beacon-based system.
Perhaps the most impressive ‘metric’ we have is the uptake of our beacon-based system. Our second biggest client installed a small site, then a larger site, then three more sites (March 2016). After the success with these previous sites, they have already pre-ordered for five sites (commencing in April 2016).
In Australia with our large geographic size and comparatively small population we have sold well over 1000 beacons in approximately 6 months and have nearly 300 users of our App based system.
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