Simplifying Enterprise
Internet of Things is digitalizing the physical world by making
location-based solutions as easy as consumer technologies.


Simplified IoT

With intuitive UX, we make enterprise IoT as easy as consumer technologies. By integrating with existing IT infrastructures, we simplify IoT even further.

Zero Risk Culture

We’ve built our brand and reputation upon our customers’ trust. Thanks to education, support, and integrations, we reduce IoT project failure to a minimum.

Mobile First

Mobile phones play a critical part in any IoT equation. Our mobile centric solutions reduce complexity and infrastructure costs.

BLE Innovation

Since day one, we been BLE innovators; launched the first proprietary BLE security suite (2016), the first BLE-WiFi Gateway (2014) and the first BLE blockchain beacon (2017). We don’t stop there.

Community Support

No product is build out of the blue. We develop products and run support with agile feedback from our global IoT builder community of 20,000 and counting.

Solution overview

Enabling stores, museums, hotels, restaurants, and other venues to become interactive and data-driven like their online counterparts.

Connecting patients to doctors to inventory to facility managers, ensuring compliance and the best care possible.

Improving performance and utilization of key assets by analyzing data and automating workflows.

Customer Experience Applications

Engage with your customers when and where it matters the most through location-based content and offers.

Wayfinding Applications

Make it easy for your visitors to navigate the space and quickly find specific rooms, people, or products using their smartphones.

Asset and People Monitoring Applications

Track the location and flow of your assets and staff to ensure security, performance, and compliance. Get alerts when needed.

Condition Monitoring Applications

Monitor temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors of any specified area to comply with your industry standards.

Application Platform

Infrastructure Management

Securely deploy, control, and
maintain your gateway, beacon
and tag infrastructure at scale.

Presence and Telemetry Stream

Get real time location and telemetry
information from your beacon and tags.

Smart Hardware

Bluetooth Low Energy beacons

Stationary beacons

BLE tags for asset tracking

Asset tags

BLE tags for people monitoring

People tags

Condition tags

Virtual beacons

We support 20,000+ customers who are digitalizing the physical world

75% of self-initiated IoT projects fail*.
Don't let your project contribute to this statistic. creates a low-risk IoT environment, limiting
the threat of solution failure. This is how we help our
20k+ customers succeed in location based IoT projects:

    Enterprise support

    Top quality IoT solution


*- Connected Futures Cisco Research: IoT Value: Challenges, Breakthroughs, and Best
Practices. Cisco, May 2017.


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