Beacon Company Success Stories: Elite-ID Shares 5 Stories About Tracking

Looking into beacons? Need some inspiring use cases? Here’s one of our favorite beacon company success stories to get you started (with 5 incredible and unexpected use cases!).
Australian beacon service provider Elite ID was approached by a community shopping mall that wanted to quickly implement a system that could track staff performance while on duty in order to generate historic records over attendance. Elite ID has developed systems for attendance verification for over a decade and has in recent years built systems based on BLE technology.
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Elite-ID shared five real-world stories about tracking use cases across different industries with us, and now we’re excited to share them with our readers. Here’s five times beacons proved their value both to solution providers and businesses.

Finger Wharf

Helping a fire-stricken wharf recover through better oversight and clarity
One of the largest security providers in Australia installed our AtSite and beacon based system at a prestige marina in New South Wales where many millions of dollars worth of boats are moored. Movie stars, prominent sporting personalities, and business people all have yachts and other vessels moored there.
Two years ago a fire caused significant damage. The facilities manager let a contract for on-site security that would provide patrols of the moorings and for the general site which includes some retail shopping as well as entertainment and eateries. AtSite was chosen for this deployment. Staff had already been issued with iPhones for business communications. Adding a waterproof box and a beacon to approximately 20 locations around the area was a very cost effective solution that gave the security provider, their client, and their insurers excellent supervision and exposed staff performance for all to see. Our web enabled database and reporting system gives all stakeholders access to the system—and with iPhones uploading data as it is logged, gives real time notification of staff patrols.

“Black Label” Shopping Center

Providing value by working in the background
One of the most prestigious shopping centers in Australia never implemented a proximity-based staff logging system. This was because it is so large and difficult to install. The shopping centre management demand that anything installed be as unobtrusive as possible and at the same time the cleaning contractors needed an affordable yet proven solution. The Elite-ID AtSite app and beacons were installed and have been very effectively logging staff attendances throughout the center.

Local players

Empowering local centers with affordable, practical solutions
On top of these two, we are having great luck with small shopping centers. Many suburbs of the major capital cities have small “neighborhood mall” shopping centers featuring just one major retailer (Grocery and mixed goods retailers) and a small number of other shops (such as a chemist, bakery, newsagent, specialty shops, an ATM). There are many hundreds if not thousands of these spread around Australia that have never had a system installed to track cleaner attendances. Elite-ID was contacted and consulted on the cost and installation required to produce a staff monitoring system. The contract cleaner had experience with other systems but chose the Elite-ID AtSite system and beacons as it was so significantly cheaper as well as easier to install. The site has just one iPhone and 5 beacons with one in a weatherproof box in the loading docks. It has been an ideal solution for them.


Emerging markets: Lifeguards

Protecting swimmers and verifying diligence
This is a new and exciting application that has only become possible through the use of beacons and our AtSite mobile app. This is primarily due to the ease in which beacon range can be customized, along with AtSites ability to log and upload automatically throughout the day. Real time data is essential in this application. A major facility management organization that is contracted to manage swimming pools and fitness centers across Australia has been trialing the Elite-ID AtSite System since October 2015. From their encouraging results they are proposing to install in a number of sites around Victoria then after measurement of performance, install across more of their portfolio. Their need is driven by the desire to know that lifeguards are effectively patrolling the swimming pools and ensure staff diligence to prevent drownings. Lifeguarding is a demanding task requiring constant vigilance and constant rotation of staff to keep then alert. The management organization is extremely keen to know when and where staff are patrolling, and to simply and easily generate metrics from this data.

Emerging markets: Supermarkets

Lowering slip and trip costs and ensuring safety
A supermarket chain approached Elite-ID with a desire to produce staff attendance statistics throughout their stores. From this data, they want to be able to lower the incidence of slip and trip injury and consequent significant costs. Coincidentally, insurance policies for public liability litigation for slip and trip injuries in supermarkets has been rising steadily. Management sought to be able to reduce their premiums by providing evidence of their diligence. The goal of installing AtSite is to create a ‘win-win’ situation whereby better supervision reduces slip and trip injury and also a saving in insurance costs through both reduced premiums as well as less incidents. The AtSite beacon system by Elite-ID was installed and has been logging data since early 2016.
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