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About Taptoweb

With our no-code technology, you can easily design your experience-oriented mobile application using many value-added services. Taptoweb is a mobile application development platform that works with a software as a service (SaaS) model. You can easily create and manage your customizable and truly native iOS and Android mobile app.


When visitors come to a city for vacation, they need information about the city situation, lifestyle, conditions and facilities. It is very difficult to reach this required information. In addition, people living in that city have problems in conveying their demands and complaints to the municipality. There is a communication problem between the municipality and the citizens. Not every person living in the city is aware of the activities and announcements of the municipality.

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Beacons, to obtain real interaction data and to communicate with people at the right time is one of the basic components used in the smart city industry. The Taptoweb team spent months investigating the different options and found that beacons alone delivered everything they were looking for in the Muğla Kent Application. Now tourists and citizens can access the right information at the right time. Muğla Municipality can also analyze meaningful data from tourists and citizens.

Taptoweb for Smart Cities

Offering advanced solutions in the Smart City industry, Taptoweb has shown its advanced experience with the Muğla Kent Mobile Application. South Aegean Development Agency, Mugla Metropolitan Municipality, and the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology in collaboration with the city of Mugla, Taptoweb developed by Mobile App has been achieved with Taptoweb Business product.

For the Muğla Kent Mobile Application, which aims to improve the cultural promotion and tourism of Muğla province, various pieces of equipment have been placed in 210 different points of Muğla province. These points are divided into six main themes: ancient, ethnic, culture, taste, literature, and tourist spots. In accordance with the theme created for each point, 4K video content was made with drones and introductory stories of that point were written in Turkish, English, German and Russian.

Video content and informative stories were delivered to users with totems placed at 210 points and the beacon, NFC, Bluetooth and GPS placed in totems. Muğla Kent Mobile Application is the greatest project in Turkey’s Smart City Industry.

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