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Better car dealership customer relationships and support-after-sale

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How DriveQuant & Collaboration Led to Better Car Dealership Customer Relationships and Support-After-Sale


DriveQuant creates state-of-the-art telematics technologies for collecting driving data via smartphone-as-a-sensor (SMaaS) and connected tags (IoT), with advanced scoring capabilities based on physical models and mathematical optimisation.


Their solutions help motor insurance and mobility professionals to design connected programs to improve driving behaviors, decrease road risk, reduce the environmental footprint of mobility and optimise costs associated with the consumption and wear and tear of vehicles.


DriveQuant services can be seamlessly integrated into existing mobile applications via Software Development Kits (SDKs) or can be deployed through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and turnkey white label applications.




They turned to for help with a project for the dealership network of one of the world’s largest multinational automobile manufacturers, which was looking to offer additional services to its customers. They wanted to address the problem of losing contact with customers after a purchase and maintaining a relationship between customers and auto dealers.


The challenge went further, requiring the collection of data that could be valuable to market-relevant offers for the maintenance of vehicles at the right time, enhancing customer loyalty and increasing business.




DriveQuant helped the dealership network achieve its strategic goal by building a white-label telematics mobile application with customer-engaging features. Firstly, the mobile app included connected vehicle maintenance features based on a digital odometer that allowed the brand to target customers with effective marketing campaigns within their maintenance network. Secondly, the mobile application also incorporated gamification features that allowed the brand to organize driving challenges within its community to reward good driving behavior. These challenges used DriveQuant driving analytics capabilities to score driving style, including safety and eco-driving scores and rankings within the community.


The principle was simple: the driver logged into the application and placed a beacon in the glove box of the vehicle. From then on, he could drive with complete peace of mind as all movements were automatically detected without any action on his part via his smartphone.’s beacons correctly identified the vehicle being driven and the driver while creating a very accurate odometer within the application.


We are very satisfied with the reliability of the beacons provided by, but we also appreciate the quality of the relationship we have with them: they are very professional and efficient in all our exchanges.
Philippe MOULIN – CEO & co-founder – DriveQuant


The dedicated mobile telematics application was developed and implemented within a few weeks. The client quickly saw the results and was very satisfied right away.


Two things, in particular, impressed the client after the deployment of the application. First, the ability of drivers to take ownership of the technology with a very low customer support rate, especially when it came to installing and setting up the beacon. Second, the way they were able to benefit from a completely new communication channel for its marketing operations: 50% of users have agreed to receive marketing messages via the application, whereas only 5% of these same users favor other channels.