August 28, 2023 Named Among Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies

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The Recognition Highlights’s Innovation and Leadership in Healthcare Technology, a pioneer in inpatient journey analytics, is thrilled to announce its ranking in the Healthcare Technology Report’s Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2023 list. This recognition serves as a testament to’s relentless commitment to innovation, remarkable growth, and significant contributions to the healthcare industry. has consistently pushed the boundaries of technological innovation, enabling healthcare facilities to harness the power of IoT, AI, and RTLS (Real-time location system) to reveal and optimize how patients move through the care delivery process. Leveraging its expertise, has played a pivotal role in digital transformation by offering end-to-end solutions that optimize operational efficiency, enhance staff & patient experiences, and drive healthcare transformation.’s solution portfolio includes a wide range of cutting-edge technologies designed to help customers address critical challenges in asset tracking, staff safety, patient flow, indoor wayfinding, and more. By providing healthcare facilities with real-time visibility and data-driven insights into the clinical spaces, assets, and people, has enabled health systems to enhance overall efficiency and ensure superior experiences.


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As the leader in Indoor Journey Analytics, we optimize processes and resources by revealing how customers move through your business. Using AI, IoT, and RTLS, helps businesses uncover waste, streamline capacity, improve workflows, and help customers and staff feel seen and valued. Since 2013, has provided solutions to +32,000 end users, delivered via +1,200 partners, and deployed +4 million IoT devices in the field.

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