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Improving museum visitor experience through precise navigation and interactive features

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Mazedia has been a successful digital media company for the last 20 years. Now they’ve added Wezit in order to make their platform even more irresistible. Wezit powers interactive programs that make the world more autonomous and innovative.


Three years ago, Mazedia was called to action by the Musée de l’Oise museum. The museum is large, and managers wanted to help visitors find their way more easily. They needed Wezit to develop an application to help visitors maneuver better. Now, thanks to beacons, visitors have access to two types of visit: one for grown-ups and one for children (8-12 years). Both are designed to help visitors discover the museum’s 19th century collection. The grown-up tour is punctuated with beacon-powered notifications featuring curators’ perspective on the works. The children tour, on the other hand, allows kids to explore the museum in a more playful way: for every work included in the tour, the camera will launch a layer to be placed over the original piece of art – when both match, the player wins and is able to receive more information.


Wezit chose beacons because it was the technology that could solve their problems. Recognizing as a trusted supplier with a good reputation, they moved ahead and integrated beacons into their platform. They now offer positioning information paired with push notifications to give visitors the best experience possible.

Recently, they founded to keep up with the current discussions and needs surrounding technology in the museum sector.

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Wezit Teams Up with Musée d’Art de Nantes

The Museum of Fine Art in Nantes had specific plans for technology in their museum. It had been closed for six years and was looking to bring in new tech as part of their next chapter. The museum is large, spanning several levels and buildings, and managers wanted to help visitors find their way more easily. They wanted to support the stories told in their exhibits, and they wanted to bring options and information to visitors of all kinds of backgrounds. Using proximity data, the museum could give each of their visitors a better experience. In the end, Wezit used 350 beacons installed around the museum’s many floors and buildings.

The app could answers questions like:

– Where should I start the visit?

– Where can I find specific paintings?

– Is there a room nearby where I can sit down for a bit?

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