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Improving staff safety with room-level accuracy for a hotel of over 600 rooms

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HaloSOS Partners with to Help One of the Largest Hotel Chains in the U.S. Deliver on 5-Star Promise


HaloSOS is a global leader in providing staff safety solutions and using technology to reimagine solutions for complex safety-related problems. They are focused on transforming staff safety and the way that workers can call for help when they need it fast. HaloSOS builds full turnkey solutions that include a wearable locating network that can be monitored down to individual room level, both indoors and outdoors, and a security interface delivering critical messages to responders. The goal is always to make calling for help as easy as possible.




One of the largest hotel chains in the U.S. faced a challenge that was partially a product of a changing regulatory environment. Guidelines that specified safety measures in certain jurisdictions in the United States were updated to include an obligation for hotels to provide their staff with location-specific based safety solutions. On top of that, a hospitality industry organization — The American Hotels and Lodging Association — together with leading global hotel brands set new guidelines for qualifying for certification of quality called the “5-Star Promise”. The new standards called for enhanced staff safety through personal safety devices. That’s when they looked for help from a specialist.




The hotel’s priority was protecting their team members, and to achieve this and comply with the new higher industry standards, HaloSOS’s unique offering was selected.


Hotels need to locate their team to individual room-level accuracy in a crisis event and was the perfect partner for the project because our Bluetooth Low Energy beacons (BLE) work as a unique location identifier that enhances and improves the locating abilities of the solution built by HaloSOS. The beacons can locate a person down to room level, shortening the response time, which in turn results in improved outcomes for both staff and responders.


Each housekeeper is provided with a smart wearable that has multiple ways of raising an alert and communicating with hotel management. The smart wearable is associated with each BLE Anchor Beacon and this allows for location information to be shared when housekeepers and team members raise an alert. The alert can be raised by simply pressing a button or calling out a trigger word.


The BLE beacon network is also easy to set up and install, requiring no cabling and the existing Wifi and cell infrastructure is used for transmission. Installation is very straightforward for the hotel and quick and easy for the installer.


This was especially important given that the project was delivered in the unique context of a luxury hotel environment, where the deployment team had to be almost invisible to guests. It was vital that the team were in and out of any room in as short a time as possible without disrupting hotel operations.


On top of that, the global pandemic created a significant obstacle in terms of the critical first delivery. It meant that the installation team from HaloSOS had to outsource the deployment to a new partner. The simplicity of installation was critical, and the new team almost had a plug-and-play-style deployment. Pre-numbered beacons with specified locations further facilitated an easy deployment.
Ultimately the HaloSOS solution, powered by beacons from, was successfully deployed in over 600 rooms in Washington, DC for one of the world’s leading hotel brands.
The results of this deployment will be shared later in 2021.