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A start-to-finish, connected shopping experience from a 200-store supermarket giant

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Fullscreen Digital provides brick-and-mortar businesses with the next-generation platform for location-based marketing and sales. Working from the innovative idea that customer experience can be understood as an algorithm, Fullscreen Digital partners with inventive brands around the globe, delivering proprietary Saas solutions – Footprints for Retail – and driving IoT investments to increase sales through shopper path to purchase data.




Brick-and-mortar businesses continue to struggle with their digital counterparts for customer attention. How can they offer in-store experiences that live up to shoppers’ modern standards? While online stores are able to leverage all kinds of innovative technology, physical shops are often left wanting. They need IoT solutions that are easy to implement, manageable, and somehow different and modern. On top of that, they should be affordable.




Fullscreen Digital knew from the start that proximity technology was the answer. They built their solution from the ground-up with this in mind and could even pinpoint the exact moment their iterations began to see serious success: the moment they added beacon technology. They found users tapped proximity notifications more than the regular push and have seen an entirely new customer base spring up wanting to utilize beacons.
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The company now uses beacons to power Point of Interest discovery as well as indoor positioning and push notifications. This means shoppers can maneuver spaces better and have an all-around better, more connected experience. On top of that, Fullscreen Digital uses beacons to power presence detection and data collection.


Fullscreen Digital Teams Up With Carrefour Romania


Fullscreen Digital partnered with supermarket giant Carrefour Romania, who boasts over 200 locations, to design an easier shopping experience and introduce Romania’s first mobile wallet check-out.
Carrefour Pay is an end-to-end scan and pay mobile solution that uses technology at every step of the customer’s journey to make shopping a better experience. Buyers get personalized offers as they walk around the store, and because the notifications they get are relevant to their interests and delivered at the right place at the right time through Carrefour Pay, they’re more likely to act upon them and add more to their carts. What’s more, customers can use the app to check prices by scanning the product’s barcode and, when their shopping is done, they can be identified through BLE beacons at the checkout and pay quickly through a QR code or other preferred payment method. That’s a total start-to-finish connected shopping experience–from a physical, brick-and-mortar store.


Furthermore, BLE beacons installed at each register make the process even swifter by enabling more efficient user identification. Customers can then review past purchases, generate e-receipts, and a number of things previously associated only with online shopping.


With over 48,000 users and over 72,000 transactions to date, Carrefour Pay is just one example of beacons successfully employing location-based detection to provide seamless solutions for customer based retailers.


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