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Disrupting insurance programs through one of the largest French motor insurers

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DriveQuant & Help Disrupt Insurance Programs Through one of the Largest French Motor Insurers


DriveQuant designs and operates connected solutions that help to prevent risks related to mobility and provide real-time assistance and other services to drivers. In the field of motor insurance, DriveQuant services enable carriers to design connected and usage-based insurance (UBI) programs with individual prevention, risk profiling, fairer pricing, positive underwriting and better knowledge of policyholders, automation of claims processes, fraud detection and theft tracking.


DriveQuant services are based on smartphones to collect data and interact with the users. They can be seamlessly integrated into existing mobile applications via Software Development Kits (SDKs) or can be deployed through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and turnkey white label applications.




DriveQuant began searching for a tech solution to support a key client that was looking for an innovative way to offer new insurance-based products. Specifically, a French automotive insurer needed a partner to help develop programs designed to meet the personalized needs of policyholders with coverage adapted to their auto usage.


The move was triggered by the growth of the “infrequent traveller” market segment and the insurer wanted to create a UBI program to cover drivers who only drove a fairly limited distance every year based on how much time they spent behind the wheel.




DriveQuant wanted to help achieve this strategic goal by co-designing two connected auto insurance programs—the world’s first pay-per-minute insurance offer and a pay-per-kilometer offer.


Both programs are based on a white-label mobile application that automatically detects the journeys made by the policyholder and adjusts the cost of the insurance either according to the minutes spent driving or according to the number of kilometres driven per month. The insurance premium is therefore calculated on the basis of a fixed rate covering the vehicle when stationary and a variable rate depending on its usage.


The program, however, was based on an important piece of hardware to keep track of everything— BLE beacon, which would be placed in the glove compartment of the vehicle after the application had been activated and identify the vehicle as being insured by the company.


We are very satisfied with the reliability of the beacons provided by, but we also appreciate the quality of the relationship we have with them: they are very professional and efficient in all our exchanges. 
Philippe MOULIN – CEO & co-founder – DriveQuant was the ideal partner to fit the unique needs of this project. Among other things, the very long beacon battery life made possible by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) was key, since a long and reliable battery life was needed to minimize after-sales support and replacing devices.


The program was implemented in just a couple of months and the results have been impressive.


The policy coverage option made possible by the project has been embraced by consumers, with more choosing it each month. Its success has led it to being copied by other insurers in France and internationally.


On top of that, drivers have been able to easily adapt to the technology involved, meaning a very low customer support rate has been needed for the installation and setup of the beacon.