Customer Wayfinding

Optimize your indoor venue to maximize efficiency, improve visitor experience, enhance safety and increase ROI with Bluetooth beacons.


Improve Visitor

Improve orientation inside your indoor venue to increase the comfort of your visitors.


Improve visitor and staff safety with geofence notifications and turn-by-turn navigation.

Increase Business

Significantly reduce time consumption for searching booths, POI and exhibitors with real-time navigation.

Recommended Beacons Bluetooth Beacons

Our Smart Beacon SB18-3 and Beacon Pro BP16-3 are at work right now, in airports, museums, hospitals, offices, retail outlets, university campuses and more, all around the world. Their battery life, signal interval and transmission power are designed to deliver high performance in multiple use cases, with wayfinding being the ideal application of their features.


Indoor Navigation with Bluetooth Beacons

Verticals from healthcare and event management to public transportation are turning to wayfinding solutions. How will your competitors use it?

Beacon Buyer's Guide for Indoor Navigation and other Use Cases

Understand the technical criteria, concepts and considerations that will make it easier to choose the right beacon solution for you. Find out which form factor is right for your solution.

Discover Products for Wayfinding

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[Updated for 2020]
[Updated for 2020]