October 29, 2019

Pointr and Leveraging the Value from Location Data Insights in Public Spaces

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[LONDON, United Kingdom, October 29, 2019] —, a leading Bluetooth-focused location technology leader on a mission to simplify the global delivery of location data insights, enables the largest global airports with location awareness together with its solution provider partner, Pointr, a global UK-based technology leader in real-time location for smart venues. Pointr’s Deep Location technology enables aviation, retail, hospitality and smart workplaces to create immersive location experiences and to improve their operations.


The global airline industry is growing at an incredible rate, with air travel predicted to double by 2036 to 7.8 billion passengers annually. Pointr and are leaders in this expanding market and improving the passenger experience, boosting revenue and enabling smarter operations.


Pointr and have already completed over 50 projects together around the world, including at King’s Cross and Gatwick Airport in London.’s Smart Beacon SB16-2 and Tough Beacon TB18-2 were used to reduce wait times for travellers and guide passengers easily to the correct queue and gate with intuitive mobile navigation on passengers’ smartphones.


The partnership will continue to focus on offers that improve the passenger experience, increase revenue and streamline operations. Beacon technology can provide real-time notifications that support passengers during their time in an airport by, for example, helping them to arrive at their gates on time with updated information about how far away they are at any given moment and the quickest route there. Location-based marketing can also help increase revenue for airports and on-site businesses as it allows passengers to explore nearby offers in restaurants, duty free and it enables premium services, such as a hands-free shopping experience.


The productivity and safety of facility operations can also be improved through the real-time tracking of people and assets. From luggage trolleys to wheelchairs, electric carts and even personnel, physical and human assets can be more evenly distributed and located quickly when necessary to cut down on search and waiting times and provide support when needed.


Finally, additional client value is found in the ability to monitor and manage passenger flow for better operational efficiency. Passengers or visitors carrying a smartphone can be anonymously tracked to create a digital representation of passenger flow, creating opportunities to identify areas for improvement. Footfall, dwell time, new vs. returning visitors and other metrics can be better measured and used to inform management decisions and be applied to areas as diverse as planning customer journeys to estimating the value of retail space to optimize rental revenue.


“We are confident that there is a global opportunity in demonstrating that airports don’t have to be difficult to navigate,” says Philipp von Gilsa, CEO. “Through a seamless and reliable indoor navigation solution delivered by our partnership with Pointr, we can use location data to address passenger anxiety and deliver wayfinding services that improve the passenger experience during airport travel and drive operational efficiencies that create new revenue opportunities.”


“We are thrilled to partner with to build the future of location technology at international airports and other large venues. We selected’s beacons after careful consideration due to their superior quality and reliability.’s hardware technology allows us to support our Deep Location engine effectively at scale, enabling a range of location-based services, asset tracking and location analytics for our clients,” says Trevayne O’Brien, Head of Partnerships at Pointr.


About Pointr


Pointr, the Deep Location company, is a global U.K based technology leader in real-time location for smart venues.


We digitize venues, enabling them to create immersive location experiences and to improve their operations. We work with major international customers in aviation, retail, hospitality and smart office.


Built by a team of computer scientists and fuelled by 6 patents, our Deep Location platform provides location-based services such as mapping, navigation and asset tracking, location-based marketing and powerful location analytics.


As the leader in Indoor Journey Analytics, we optimize processes and resources by revealing how customers move through your business. Using AI, IoT, and RTLS, helps businesses uncover waste, streamline capacity, improve workflows, and help customers and staff feel seen and valued. Since 2013, has provided solutions to +32,000 end users, delivered via +1,200 partners, and deployed +4 million IoT devices in the field.

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