October 26, 2023 Introduces Beam Mini, a More Compact, Agile, and Affordable IoT Device Designed for Fast Installation at Scale

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[New York City, NY, October 26, 2023] –, the leader in Indoor Journey Analytics, will soon release Beam Mini—a streamlined version of the Portal Beam—to its location-based IoT solutions that help businesses optimize their operational efficiency and transform experiences for staff and customers. Beam Mini is designed to be more compact, agile, and affordable than the Portal Beam, making it easier than ever for enterprises to install it on a massive scale.



Featuring Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Infrared (IR) technologies, Beam Mini delivers real-time spatial insights with room-level accuracy. Delivered as part of’s all-in-one Indoor Journey Analytics platform, Beam Mini enhances a number of use cases for healthcare, CRE workspaces, and other industries, including asset tracking, staff safety, people workflows, indoor navigation, and more.


What You Need to Know about Beam Mini:


  • Built for Scalability: Beam Mini is designed to provide enterprises with the streamlined efficiency they need when time is of essence. A smaller, more agile sibling to Portal Beam, it enables super-fast DIY installation and offers the same remarkable capabilities for location tracking at a much affordable price.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Beam Mini boasts an impressive four-year battery life, ensuring that enterprises can rely on its performance without the hassle of frequent battery replacements.
  • Plug-and-Play Compatibility: Like all other products, Beam Mini is an out-of-the-box device that integrates wirelessly with enterprises’ existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. No need for cabling or rewiring.


As a new member of’s product ecosystem, Beam Mini testifies to the company’s relentless effort to innovate simple, open, and reliable products that empower people to achieve their goals. To get your sneak peek at Beam Mini, visit our Store or contact us today.


As the leader in Indoor Journey Analytics, we optimize processes and resources by revealing how customers move through your business. Using AI, IoT, and RTLS, helps businesses uncover waste, streamline capacity, improve workflows, and help customers and staff feel seen and valued. Since 2013, has provided solutions to +32,000 end users, delivered via +1,200 partners, and deployed +4 million IoT devices in the field.

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