January 30, 2024 Announces the Sticker Tag, Setting a New Standard in Scalable and Cost-Effective Asset Tracking

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[New York City, NY, January 30, 2024] –, the leader in Indoor Journey Analytics, releases Sticker Tag as a new member of its location-based IoT solutions for healthcare, workplaces, and other industries.


Weighing less than a piece of paper, this ultra-thin, adhesive paper tag is powerful and innovative in its size alone. But more so, this mighty piece of hardware has countless use cases ranging from medical asset management to office supply tracking to retail inventory and more. 


Simple to use and easy to carry,’s Sticker Tag is ideal for tracking small, flat, or disposable assets.


  • Flat and Unobtrusive: Ultra-thin and weighing only four grams, including the battery, the Sticker Tag fits on daily use items and small hand-held devices without disrupting the user experience.
  • Precise Tracking: BLE-connected, the tag comes with advanced RF performance combined with’s Location Engine. Supported frames include Cisco Spaces, iBeacon, Eddystone, and Telemetry.
  • Fast and Scalable: Lightweight and cost-effective, Sticker Tags can solve asset management use cases ranging from a few dozen to hundreds of thousands of assets.
  • Long-Lasting, Eco-Friendly Battery: The sticker Tag ensures uninterrupted tracking of assets for up to a year’s battery life. Plus, unlike typical batteries, this battery is built with biodegradable, non-toxic materials.
  • IT-Friendly: Like all products, the Sticker Tag integrates wirelessly with enterprises’ existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. It is operationally right away, activated individually with a smartphone (Android or iOS) via NFC or in a batch at shipping for large-scale deployments.


Learn more about the Sticker Tag or visit our Store page today.


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