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July 14, 2015

New beacon format from Google creates more flexible and powerful contextual computing experiences

Las Vegas, NV (14th July 2015) —, the award-winning proximity solution provider, has announced that they are one of a select few companies who have offered for sale today Bluetooth beacons that use the new open beacon format called Eddystone. The new beacon format, developed by Google, has a broader selection of information that it can broadcast and shows potential to shake up the proximity market space in interesting ways.

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“Working to get the Eddystone format running on hardware was a substantial investment of time and energy from our side,” said Szymon Niemczura, CEO of, “We’ve had a great opportunity to prepare for the launch, and have completely native support for the Eddystone open beacon format in our Cloud Platform and on our hardware stack. This means we’ve already got a complete, secure management platform in place for beacons of any kind. The new open format from Google is a great move that puts beacons more fully into the Android space, which is growing to be over 70% of the smartphone market.”

The Eddystone format for beacons differs from other formats principally by having 2 different types of information that it broadcasts: the Eddystone-UID and the Eddystone URL. The Eddystone UID is very similar to the iBeacon profile, while the Eddystone-URL is an extension of the already existing Physical Web beacon functionality. will be providing Eddystone functionality to all customers as an OTA update soon, and in the mean time Eddystone beacons can be bought directly from now.

“By including the ability to display relevant content on an opted-in user’s smart device without even installing a specific application for that location, the Eddystone open format from Google has the potential to change expectations from end users for what proximity can do for them.” Niemczura continued. “By extending and amplifying who can receive relevant information based on his or her location, the Eddystone format may end up being vastly more integrated with a user’s mobile-connected experience. This will finally make the world of always-available contextual information happen.”

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