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August 30, 2016

New York —August 30th, 2016, the world’s leading Bluetooth beacon provider, has introduced four new hardware and software products to bring location-awareness to more industries and devices. With the introduction of the Beacon Pro and Card Beacon as well as the Location Engine and accompanying Gateway, Kontakt. io is bringing the benefits of the IoT to new markets including Enterprise and Heavy Industry.

“’s new products help move the whole beacon market towards Industrial IoT. The new generation of hardware is completed with the Location Engine. Any solution provider can build on this. The company is paving the way for hundreds of new use cases based on real-time location tracking systems (RTLS). With such an automated beacon infrastructure, it is easy for businesses to integrate Internet of Things with their operations so that they can join Industry 4.0”, says Patrick Connolly, Principal Analyst, ABI Research.’s Gateway Beta – Real Time Location Redefined
The Beta version of the Gateway combined with the Location Engine represents a whole new business logic. Until now, Bluetooth-enabled tracking systems always involved 3 elements: beacons, smartphone & a human-factor – someone to physically visit the monitored space and get data about the current position of objects or people. From now onwards, tracking items in real time can be fully automated and managed from anywhere in the world without smartphones or people on site. All you need is to attach beacons to moving objects and the Gateway will push the data about their location, as well as beacons’ health, in real-time to the cloud. That’s just a preview of what you can do with your Gateway Beta & the Location Engine. Thanks to the new “Trigger” feature, users and objects can trigger certain actions based on their proximity to the Gateway. We are talking here about hundreds of different scenarios based on services such as IFTTT including sending emails, posting tweets or getting access to chosen area. Best part? The solution is 3 times cheaper than any active RFID system available while also offering you all your beacon-based rich contextual data. Beacon Pro – Beacon Hardware Reimagined
Designed with professionals in mind and with three years of experience, the Beacon Pro makes any BLE infrastructure smarter in several new ways. The Beacon Pro is aware of its environment. It can automatically trigger different actions when it detects a particular level of light or movement with its built-in motion sensor and light sensor. What’s more, thanks to the built-in NFC tag, it can be configured with a single touch. On top of that, users may forget about changing batteries – an additional USB connection means Beacon Pros never need to run out of power and data can be transferred between the beacon and a local network or a device. Card Beacon – Beacon Use Reengineered
The Card Beacon fits where other beacons don’t. This ultra-thin device is designed to be attached to any moving asset and to track its location with the Gateway. And it’s truly smart. Thanks to the built-in motion sensor, the beacon knows when and how much data it should transmit so that you can decrease the volume of data you store and analyze. Broadcasting less frequently when a beacon is stationary plus the option to simply switch it off when it’s not in use means that users can significantly extend battery life, offering well over 12 months of operation time. Additionally, users can add even more context to Card Beacon with the built-in RFiD or optional NFC tag. This makes it ideal for new applications that were not possible before, but also to support any existing legacy technology and improve it with Bluetooth standard.

“Whether the goal is improving workplace efficiency, keeping track of inventory, enhancing the customer experience or making healthcare more secure or efficient, our new products make it all easier than ever before. The experience gained from supplying more beacons around the world than anyone else has given the team all the neccessary business knowledge and technology expertise to help them succeed in any business context” says Szymon Niemczura, Co-founder and CEO at

Apart from launching 4 new products, now offers its expertise and a team of experienced professionals to deploy and mantain beacon infrastructures globally. With service hubs in New York, Guadalajara, Shenzhen and Berlin, the company provides SLA support 24/7 to allow its partners to focus on their core businesses.

About is the industry leader in indoor environmental, location, and occupancy services using Bluetooth® Low Energy (Bluetooth® LE). provides solutions to thousands of end-users, delivered via 500+ partners using 3+ million IoT devices in the field. Solutions from cover more than one billion sq feet and they continue to be a pioneer in the field, with a focus on Smart Buildings in Healthcare and Corporate Real Estate Spaces.’s mission is to deliver human-building interfaces that provide people with delightful, useful, and safe indoor experiences to help make buildings work for people. They want to define a new building DNA that is human-centric and build technologies that help transform buildings into indoor spaces that are useful for people in their daily journey to accomplish their goals, working or being cared for in a safe & sustainable indoor environment.

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