Order & Material Traceability

Deliver on time and optimize production processes. 

Simon helps you discover the bottlenecks in each phase in the production process. It accelerates issue reporting and reduces the time required to react, giving you insights based on the real-time data collected.


Improve Production

Get a complete overview of WIP quantities at
different stages of production to produce
just-in-time and reduce bound capital.



Accelerate issue reporting and leverage real-time
data collected to discover the root cause of
problems in the production process.



Automatically document the production history of each product and be prepared for audits. Answer client requests by having 100% visibility into order status.

How it works




Solution Dashboards Overview

Simple Google-style bar for searching based on owner, order ID, PNR, MPR, location or any other metadata.

Search Statistics including time saved, search queries executed and productivity performance.

Granular labor and production performance overview.

Real-time status overview of all orders in production.


Simplify Asset Tracking and People Visibility Workflows

Using Bluetooth® LE to simplify asset tracking and people visibility workflows.

IoT in Manufacturing: Trends and Opportunities for Better Efficiency

How Simon AI enables operational users to understand and adjust their workflows.

Simplifying Asset Tracking in Operational Environments

Discover ways to reduce search time, increase asset utilization, improve labor productivity with location-based sensor analytics.

What Lean Manufacturing Means in the Age of IoT

Manufacturing operations executive’s guide to streamlining plant operations with accurate job time tracking.

See Simon AI in action!

Simon helps you analyze, monitor and predict assets, material and physical processes.
This visibility provides you with data insightS that improve decision making in resource planning,
operations, quality control and sales.

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[Updated for 2020]
[Updated for 2020]