Location Engine

Software module
An API that empowers you to build BLE-based asset tracking solutions cheaper and faster. Get started

Low Cost

Build a Real-Time Location System at 1/5th the cost of competing positioning technologies such as active RFID or WiFi.

Easy Integration

Launch faster by building your asset positioning solution upon Kontakt.io’s scalable REST API.

No Hassle

Reliable and seamless hardware, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance or extra costs and can focus on developing your solution.
Location Engine architecture overview

1. Hardware transmitters

BLE beacons attached to moving assets continuously broadcast signals to signal receivers.

2. Hardware receivers

Gateways placed around a venue collect the BLE beacon data and relay that information to the API over WiFi.

3. Cloud access

Kontakt.io REST API streams raw beacon data in Location Engine in real time.

4. Location and Telemetry Data Stream

Location Engine delivers live beacon presence information with timestamps.
Collect real-time information on the battery level of your transmitters and other data from beacon sensors*.
* requires Beacon Pro
Trigger various actions via external services when a beacon enters or exits a space.
Integration with your services
Connect to the Kontakt.io API and use all real-time data to power your asset positioning or tracking solution or build a completely new one.

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