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Powered by machine learning, Kio Cloud is evaluating billions of building signals in near real time to help apps deliver business outcomes
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Interpolating multi-sourced IoT signals, Kio Cloud computes and persists spaces and tagged objects, recording room metadata such as in-room tagged entities, locations, occupancy changes and environmental telemetry. Rather than outputting raw coordinates, Kio Cloud provides users with event streams which provide only relevant and useful information for applications that can benefit from subscribing to such streams.

Virtualizing buildings as a grid system of rooms and pathways, Kio Cloud APIs deliver room and workspace resolution without resorting two coordinates

Using information from access points, wayfinding beacons, occupancy sensors and more, Kio location services are designed for accuracy without requiring additional investment in network devices

Processing building data on-the-stream, evaluating business case questions to generate API streams that solve business use cases through a powerful Policy Foundry

Quantifying Buildings: Kio Computational Cloud

Input IoT signals and where available location data from Access Points, gateways, occupancy and other environmental sensors
Using machine learning that continuously adjusts to changing building circumstances, the cloud evaluates the conditions and locations of people, things and rooms
Location and occupancy engine parameters can be adjusted by administrators to optimize for a broad range of use cases

Policy Foundry & Event Stream APIs

Applications should not have to sort through a firehose of transactions to extract the event that impacts the applications business purpose
Policies are elastically generated micro services, evaluating specific conditions defined by users or provided ready-made
When policies “trigger” - they call on Actions, also customizable by users. Actions may include user notifications, API event publishing or other triggers provided by the system

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* Location Services works only with sensors and tags.
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[Updated for 2020]