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Endpoint-Agnostic Bluetooth® LE Device Management at Internet-Scale
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The IoT Device Management cloud helps reduce time to market, providing enterprises with a comprehensive toolbox for IoT network management and monitoring
Minimize time, complexity, and cost spent managing thousands of IoT devices
Enforce IoT edge-device
security to prevent malicious attacks
on the local-area network
Monitor and receive real time alerts on sensor, tag, gateway and wayfinding infrastructure issues
Manage your organization’s location hierarchy integrating multiple device feeds through a single cloud


Automatically onboard and bulk-register devices and Gateways into the customer organization hierarchy in one-click
Onboard and register third party devices and Gateways to the Cloud by entering data manually
Pull-down floor plans and Access Point topology from third party providers such as Cisco DNA Spaces and manage your organization through APIs


Bulk program thousands of IoT Bluetooth® LE devices Over The Air (OTA)
Create new device configurations and push to the field using on-screen, CSV upload or API interfaces
Enforce device connectivity secure profile, controlling IoT edge device security through centralized policies
Change configurations of open standard devices, such as Eddystone and iBeacon, including Tx Power & beaconing Interval


Group devices and Gateways subject to entity metadata and enterprise location hierarchy
Manage and assign device user access privileges
Assign meta data tags to devices and locations leveraging user-defined entities
Control configurations and share device data to and from legacy systems such as CMMS 


Prevent man-in-the-middle network attacks
Prevent device hijacking via secure end-to-end communications between gateways, mobile phones and devices
Prevent piggybacking via securely shuffling iBeacon identifier and Mac addresses on custom intervals
Device hack defenses and automated device memory wipe if an attack is identified

Site Monitoring

Set up monitoring rules for users and locations including not-seen, removed or low-on-battery devices
Receive alerts, notification and weekly updates via email, SMS on in the Kio Cloud web application
See and manage notification history, including workflow comments and notes for coworkers
Use troubleshooting tools to view live event feeds from devices
Monitor network traffic and uptime and performance

Get Complete Insights
Into Your Infrastructure Performance

* Device Management works only with sensors and tags.
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