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Connectivity & Firmware SDK

For other IoT makers and for users that want more control: BLE device firmware, connectivity libraries and mobile SDKs under license
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Create and onboard third-party devices to the Kio Cloud Platform facilitating countless new business cases at lower cost. Once the firmware is integrated into the 3rd-party device, a unified device-to-API management and location and sensor stream layer provides seamless communication between the device and the KIO Cloud Platform. 

Accelerate time to market and reduce R&D costs & convert your business to benefit from IoT network

Seamlessly connect your device to 3rd Party Gateway and Access Points providers

Connectivity SDK

Third party gateway integrations: Connect any BLE devices to 3rd Party Access Point
Third party firmware integrations: Integrates with your existing firmware and device functionality
End-to-end device security: Securely controls and unifies the wireless connectivity stack between the device and the Cloud via the Secure Profile
Device Management and OTA Services license or consume as a service in your own dedicated cloud environment

Use-Cases for Gateway SDK

Implement the Gateway Reference Software Design on any hardware in order to parse device information and location and telemetry packets from the device to the Cloud and vice versa
Tap into Access Point BLE networks
Use pre-existing software designs for the ESP32 and Raspberry PI platforms

Use-Case for Mobile SDK

Turn any iOS and Android Application into a device management layer using the Mobile SDK
Use the Mobile SDK to read out telemetry and location information from a device

Firmware SDK

Benefit from the complete Firmware reference design
Supporting all iBeacon and Eddystone packets
Supporting iBeacon shuffling and MAC ID rotation
Supporting creation of custom packets

Turn Any IoT Hardware 
Into a Ecosystem-Ready Device

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