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Bridging the IoT connection gap. Introducing low-cost BLE gateways with a Wifi-backhaul allowing you to deliver more location-accurate solutions.

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Portal Lights

Leverage the infrastructure you already have in place, and create value within days with an affordable, plug & play BLE gateway.
Enable location services: Retrieve location data of moving BLE tags and badges from the Portal Light or use the Portal Light to augment your existing BLE-enabled access point infrastructure for better accuracy.
Manage all BLE devices in real-time, and monitor their location: Stay up-to-date and remotely monitor your BLE beacons’ and tags’ battery and location information in real-time across multiple places, independent of mobile phones. In addition, allow for OTA firmware updates.
Simplify deployment: No extra installation equipment needed. Easily deploy your Portal Light by plugging it into a power socket. Get it up and running in minutes.

Portal Light is available with fourdifferent AC plugs:
US (Plug B) | UK (Plug G) | EU (Plug E & F)

Leveraging the Wi-Fi Network

You Already Have In Place

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[Updated for 2020]