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Simplest, most secure & affordable solutions for today's connected hospital

Simplest, most secure & affordable for today's connected hospital

Improve patient clinical outcomes, and ensure your residents & patients are receiving the first-class experience you’ve promised, at a lower operational cost.
Medical device tracking, patient workflow, environmental monitoring and staff duress solutions - all in ONE starter kit.
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We Understand Hospital Challenges

Lack of real-time visibility into location and status of medical assets and equipment leads to delays in e.g. IV pump availability, negatively affecting patient care.
I have to waste 20-30 mins on every shift to look for an IV pump that is supposed to be stored in Clean Storage.
We are constantly behind our PMs as we cannot find a lot of the medical devices. We lose about 2 Telepacks each month.
Manual environmental monitoring is labor-intensive and prone to human error. Lack of 24/7 coverage results in high spoilage and damage costs and patient safety risks.
Pharmacy Technician
We don’t have a way to automatically detect a fridge temp breach.
Director of Pharmacy
We lost hundreds of doses of vaccines because the temperature compliance was compromised.
Non-digital maps and complex buildings cause anxiety and more missed appointments due to patient difficulty in navigating through the hospital.
I was not able to find my way to get my labs done in time for my appointment then the wait was too long.
We deal with a huge backlog of unseen patients everyday.
Wish I had a snapshot of the cycle time of patients through phases of care to find the workflow gap.

The solution is closer than you think…

Starter Kit at a glance

1 Portal Beam

A 9-in-1 cloud-enabled thermal camera sensor for Occupancy, Environmental Monitoring, Wayfinding, Contact Tracing and more using Bluetooth LE technology.

1 Smart Badge

A 2-button personnel, access control badge holder for Contact Tracing, Staff Duress and Safety Evacuation applications.

1 Portal Light

A plug-and-play Bluetooth Gateway that allows you to connect the Portal Beam to the existing WiFi network in less than one minute.

1 Year Kio Cloud Access

Visualize and store asset and patient flow, occupancy, location and sensor information from the Portal Beam in the Cloud.
See the location of people on a map.
Get historical and real-time insights.
Set-up alerts and notifications for threshold changes in location, occupancy, temperature, air quality or contact tracing.
Consume all data and integrate into your applications via a rich EventAPI.
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Our Solution

Better Management of Medical Equipment

Use digital, on-map searching for “missing” IV pumps to reduce clinical staff time spent searching for available pumps.

Improve the utilization and availability of clean, ready-to-use IV Pumps by monitoring their locations in real time while increasing staff productivity and satisfaction.

Our Solution

Understand Environmental Changes

Record and track location, environmental, and temperature data remotely, eliminating human errors and the need for manual reporting.

When measurements of the items that require strict, temperature-controlled conditions are sensed above or below set parameters an alert is sent to specified responders.

Our Solution

Understand Patient Flow

Avoid long wait times and an increase in missed appointments due to complex workflows and hard-to-navigate floor plans.

Automatically capture time spent in different phases of care to improve workflows and justify adding resources with evidence-based data.

Improve patient-provider interactions to increase overall patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores.

Our Solution

Understand the interactions of people

Manage occupancy limits in common areas (cafeteria, waiting lobbies) without BLE tags or mobile device tracking.

Provide a safer and more secure workplace by knowing the location of your staff and high-risk patients in case of emergency with room-level certainty at a fraction of the cost of any alternative technology such as UWB, Wifi or cameras.

Tap into an immediate ROI from digital solutions



Labor Savings
30 min labor saved per week for every fridge.


Medication Savings
When a refrigerator power outage is detected.


Avoided CAPEX
Improving asset utilization by 25%. Excluding $200k service savings.

We Make A Difference By

Quantifying rooms and buildings across 9 sensors enabling indoor location, occupancy and environmental monitoring use-cases with one device
Creating room-level indoor location certainty for people and asset tracking use-cases
Allowing immediate usage of data by open APIs and free Apps for unlimited innovation
Allowing for immediate enterprise-scale as they complement existing Wifi networks via Bluetooth LE; for example with Cisco DNA Spaces
Accelerating Time to Value through no cabling and design for self-installment
Lowering the cost of ownership in the market
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It’s time for you to use technology to support your staff with day-to-day work to deliver best-in-class patient care and staff experience

1-year SaaS
Portal Beam
Portal Light (AC US/EU/UK)
Smart Badge
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