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We are out to define a new building DNA that is human centric. We build technologies that help transform buildings into indoor spaces that are useful for people in their daily journey to accomplish their goals, working or being cared for in a safe & sustainable indoor environment.
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Our Mission

To deliver human-building interfaces that provide people with delightful, useful and safe indoor experiences. To help make buildings work for people.
"We're creating something magical for the person who uses it"
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Our Benefits

Salary & Stock Option Plan
We boost your overall compensation by offering true ownership. Our stock option plan is an additional compensation that gives you an opportunity to become part owners of We reward people who maintain longevity and it results in a large cash payout.
Startup Environment
We are a challenger in the marketplace. We never stop and we constantly evolve.
Work with the Best Experts
We are the leader in the IoT space. Our team is full of talented pros at the top of their fields.
We are a people-centric company, creating our own solutions & services and giving everyone a chance to have a real impact on what our product looks like.
Referral Bonus
Bring your colleagues with you. You will gain a great coworker and we will pay $3,000 as referral bonus.
We provide tools and modern software that allow you to work effectively to change your ideas into reality.
Medical Care
We cover medical, dental and vision care for you since we believe in healthy body, healthy mind.

Our Virtues

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