Will Discontinued Support for Nearby Notifications Affect Kontakt.io Devices?

Will Discontinued Support for Nearby Notifications Affect Kontakt.io Devices?

Over the past few weeks Google announced that Nearby Notification functionality will be disabled on all Android devices starting from December 6, 2018. The rationale for this decision is that the Nearby mechanism has been used in a way which was too burdensome for regular users, and the quality of the content was irrelevant.

How this change impacts Kontakt.io device functionality

None of the functionalities of the Kontakt.io device were designed to work exclusively with Google Nearby. A similar or even better user experience can be achieved using the Kontakt.io SDK and Google Beacon Proximity API. Our comprehensive SDK makes proximity application development process very fast and easy. Moreover, it adds additional features like shuffling, telemetry and background scanning.

Kontakt.io mobile SDK is available for both iOS and Android platform giving identical user experience in contrast to Nearby.

Again, this does not impact the use of our beacons for effective proximity marketing solutions.

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