Why Do Healthcare Facilities Select Kontakt.io for Staff Duress Solutions?

May 9, 2022

Healthcare facilities are turning to technology to solve problems like never before. From basic things that are surprisingly difficult to improve, like hand hygiene, to more complex issues like streamlined patient processing and asset tracking, tech solutions have a role to play in addressing many challenges in healthcare.

Location-based technology has even found a very useful application in protecting staff members against assault and providing an increased sense of security for nurses and other staff. Digital solutions are now an integral part of safety and security policies in hospitals and clinics of every kind.

1 out of 4 Nurses get assaulted at work: How modernized panic response services help

Kontakt.io is a leader in the space where IoT-powered applications address the challenges of the healthcare industry, particularly staff duress solutions. Why is our solution for enhancing staff safety finding such a receptive audience throughout the field?

Here are just some of the reasons why:

Open technology. Operating on open-standard Bluetooth® Low Energy makes integration with existing infrastructure simple and easy while keeping the door open for future growth. The proprietary standards of legacy systems make them expensive, difficult to manage and limit the scalability needed to accommodate new use cases. We prioritize openness to third-party applications through simple API.

Shorter time to value. Staff duress solutions cut down on staff turnover, temporary labor fulfillment, and training costs while increasing well-being and overall job satisfaction. Given enough time, every system provides a return on investment but with Kontakt.io that return is achieved in a fraction of the time of other solutions because of our ease of deployment, cloud-managed services, and simple, wireless infrastructure. 

Start small and scale as you need. Start by covering one area of a hospital and grow as needed and funding is made available, eventually covering the entire building and even external areas. It’s easily done with a scalable system architecture and simple devices that can be added to existing deployments. With Kontakt.io, the door is always open to further growth.

Ease of deployment. Ensuring easy setup and deployment is a fundamental part of our approach to our product philosophy. We make getting started and achieving maximum utility from day one simple:

  • We believe in leveraging existing infrastructure including Bluetooth® LE enabled wireless access points, light fixtures, or other third-party BLE Gateways using out-of-the-box integrations with market-leading providers. This eliminates the need for parallel networks reducing setup time and labor.
  • In absence of any enterprise Bluetooth® LE connectivity, we provide plug-and-play  Bluetooth® LE Gateways that are agnostic to existing WiFi providers. We provide flexibility in location granularity from 1-3m to guaranteed room-level using our wireless InfraRed beacons, simplifying setup and use. 
  • Our mobile app takes you step-by-step through the onboarding process to get your deployment up and running.
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In addition, we combine the power of AI and machine learning to improve system performance without the need for onsite technicians and hardware tuning.

At Kontakt.io safety does not stop at physical attacks, we also expose and track a new layer of metadata about buildings, information that illustrates environmental conditions of physical space like temperature, humidity, air quality, carbon monoxide, and air pressure to protect the wellbeing of people and the spaces they occupy. 

Together with our partners, we delivered solutions to over 30,000 end-users with +3,200,000 sensors in the field, covering some 1 Billion square feet of indoor spaces.

Kontakt.io’s Staff Duress Solution

It’s easier than ever for every staff member to get personal protection at the touch of a button. We provide smart badges that are easily worn on lanyards that can be used to both summon help and provide the real-time location of any staff member in duress. Contact us today to discuss how Kontakt.io can increase staff safety in your facility.

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