November 3, 2022 | 6 minute

Visitor Management Solutions

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Visitor Management System (VMS) are making workplaces safer, more secure

Employees are not the only ones moving around busy workspaces. The reception at a typical office or, for example, healthcare facility has to deal with any number of visitors of different kinds who have some kind of business to take care of.

Even if you put customers or patients aside, there is still a lot of traffic to account for. Vendors come to promote products and services or to restock certain items. Service and repair crews are constantly there for maintenance reasons. Couriers deliver documents and more throughout the day. Potential employees come for interviews. Employees have guests for business and personal reasons.

All of these people have legitimate reasons for being in the workplace but their presence is still something that has to be documented, monitored and generally managed. There are obvious security issues in play here but some workplaces contain places where access has to be strictly controlled, either for security or other reasons.

With an IoT-powered digital network covering your workspace, it’s now easy to create a Visitor Management System (VMS) that automates much of the visitor experience and uses preprogrammed limits to control where they can go in a given facility.

Let’s look at what a modern VMS can do make handling visitors easier and safer in your workplace.

What is a Visitor Management System?

A Visitor Management System (or Guest Management System), is a digital tool used to control the flow and access of different kinds of visitors to a workplace. Visitor management is a key area of concern for large, complex organizations where it is impossible for staff at a reception to monitor the activities of all visitors.

With a digital visitor management solution, guests to a workplace and their movements can be documented and controlled through pre-assigned permissions and access to different parts of the facility as needed.

Visitor management applications are useful for enhancing security protocols by providing real-time and historical data that shows who visited the office and when, how long they stayed and even where they went while visiting.

Even in large, high-traffic offices with lots of daily visitors, a significant degree of control is now possible thanks to digital solutions for guest management. Visitor tracking systems are a key component of general modern office management.

What are the benefits of a visitor management system?

There are many benefits associated with using visitor management software. With a VMS in place, organizations can enjoy increased security, improved efficiency, and a better way to handle visitors. Here are some of the specific ways that visitor tracking systems improve the experience of non-employees while they are on your premises and benefit the host organization as well.

    • Improved security. Software for visitor management can enforce geo-fencing on where visitors can and cannot go through the use of smart badges. In facilities with areas that are sensitive for business or other reasons, visitors can be kept away to ensure that private and confidential matters stay that way. When there is a suspected breach of some kind, historical data can show where each individual visitor went and how long they spent there.

    • Get alerts to possible security breaches. When someone enters an area where they are not authorized to be, whether intentionally or not, an alert can be automatically generated and sent to relevant stakeholders.

    • Increased efficiency. When visitor movements can be monitored and controlled remotely, there is no need for a host to assign someone to escort that visitor to his or destination within the facility. If visitors can be trusted thanks to visitor management software, employees are free to focus on more important things than interrupting whatever they were doing to make sure that visitors don’t enter an office or area where they shouldn’t go.

    • Traffic flow data. Large amounts of historical data can be processed to give you insights into how your office space is used and experienced by those unfamiliar with it. Visitor traffic patterns can reveal clues about how you can improve your facility’s layout, optimize general security procedures and create a more intuitive space for everyone.

    • Insurance and compliance matters. Visitor management solutions can be a valuable tool for both lowering your insurance premiums due to the measures you take to prevent insurable incidents and in compliance matters that govern the security of, for example, items stored or manufactured on your premises.

How do I set up a visitor management system?

Visitor management solutions are possible thanks to the same IoT-powered capability behind so many other modern workplace tools — real-time tracking technology.

Setting up your own visitor management system is easy. Wearable badges given to visitors make them visible on the virtual map of your workspace created by an IoT infrastructure, something you likely already have in place. In most cases, visitor management can be built as an extension of technologies you already use.

In the rare cases when it’s not, creating the backbone of a new network sets up everything you need to take advantage of the technology in many other use cases.

The badges given to visitors can be individually programmed with different levels of permission and access. They can act as key cards to open doors while constantly registering their presence everywhere they go, with everything fully documented and searchable later.

Get started with your own visitor management solution

Visitor management solutions are very affordable, easy to use and deliver benefits on day one. 

For businesses that receive a lot of visitors on a daily basis, they are simply a must-have. Between streamlining the visitor experience, letting your employees focus on their own jobs and keeping your facilities secure, visitor management software and the simple hardware that powers it has become the expected standard for today’s modern office.

In addition to saving time and money, VMS systems offer added security features and valuable insights into your organization’s visitor traffic patterns. With a VMS in place, small but important tasks can be automated and executed with complete reliability.

To learn more about how a visitor management solution can improve conditions in your workplace, reach out to our Sales team and schedule a discovery call.