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HaloSOS Partners with to Help One of the Largest Hotel Chains in the U.S. Deliver on 5-Star Promise HaloSOS is a global leader in providing staff safety solutions and using technology to reimagine solutions for complex safety-related problems. They are focused on transforming staff safety and the way that workers can call for help when […]
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TRAX is a facilities management solution provider based in Georgia. In 2019 they developed an analytics platform that tracks the movements of people and assets throughout an enabled space and have successfully adapted it to a very particular but often overlooked application—restroom maintenance. The degree of cleanliness in restrooms in large public spaces may not be the first use case that comes to mind when considering how to leverage location data, but that’s exactly what created the opportunity for TRAX.
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infsoft is a German solution provider of indoor tracking and navigation capabilities. In addition to custom-designed solutions, infsoft also supplies scalable SDK’s, enabling developers to leverage their location services into third-party applications. Frankfurt airport, Swiss Federal Railways, Siemens and Roche are among the organizations that have been able to streamline processes and enhance business performance thanks to infsoft.
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With our no-code technology, you can easily design your experience-oriented mobile application using many value-added services. Taptoweb is a mobile application development platform that works with a software as a service (SaaS) model. You can easily create and manage your customizable and truly native iOS and Android mobile app.
Read more is mobile workforce management software that replaced traditional tick sheets and paper forms with beacon-leveraging mobile apps. This immediately gave businesses a real-time view of their workforce and enabled managers optimize and interact with frontline workers and assets
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