Using Card Beacon to Change Your Business

April 2, 2017

Card Beacon could be the smartest card in your employee's or customer's wallet. Here's how to use it.

Cards play a huge role in almost every market. Employees use them to authenticate or track entry and exit. Consumers use them to track loyalty points and engage with retailers. If these cards are so important in business, why do we use inferior technology?

Shoppers are still stuck with annoying paper cards that are easily lost and incredibly limited in the amount of information presented. Employees have to use laminated IDs or NFC-only IDs that require scanning in order to function. That’s why we made the Card Beacon.

bluetooth business cards
The credit card-sized Card Beacon can include either an RFID or NFC tag and run up to 14 months with power saving enabled. It also includes a motion sensor and a range of 50 meters. The result? An easy-to-integrate and even easier to use card for all kinds of situations.

The Card Beacon gives businesses three revolutionary capabilities for an affordable price:

  • Collect data easily
  • Give customers everything they need
  • Use cutting IoT without breaking the bank

Let's break it down. Here are six places solution providers should be looking to add Card Beacon.


When was the last time you saw an ID badge that was revolutionary? Conferences rely on these simple tools to connect and manage visitors. Card Beacon is the same size as any other card. But unlike any other card, it could help managers and planners finally understand how visitors move. Keep track of who is where in your venue. Use that information to play networking-matchmaker with attendees in a space. Give your visitors more options to connect and interact with the space.
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An ID card only says so much. It may have an image or a list a title, but what else can it do? If employees have to use badges, they should be connected. Card Beacon can cut out human error and increase security by automating access. This wallet-ready beacon can even be leveraged to track attendance.


Is your loyalty card a flimsy piece of paper? If it blends into the pile, your customer may just forget about it. Loyal customers expect more in 2017. They want better options, more personalization, and less hassle. Beacons are already being leveraged to upgrade loyalty cards, offering smart promos and updates the moment the customer approaches the store. Card Beacon put more power in the hands (and wallet) of your customer.

Asset tracking

For warehouse managers and others, knowing where your assets are locating and how they move is paramount. NFC and QR are great solutions, but they require a lot of human interaction. Slip a beacon on your most important assets and register them automatically or use real time data to take a peek at where they are currently located.

Find out more about asset tracking technologies.


bluetooth business cards

Hospitals are busy. Doctors, nurses, administrators, and patients are often running from office to office, making it hard to keep track of everyone. A smarter ID card could help administrator's better automate access. By restricting entry or exit only to doctor's with a Card Beacon, there's less chance for human error without slowing down the process with manual entry or paperwork.

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One of the most talked about uses of IoT is for automating payment. No need to rummage through your wallet--or even wait in line. Beacons can help speed up the process and get customers in and out faster.
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