June 24, 2024 | 5 minute

Transforming Healthcare with AI and IoT: 5 Key Insights from Our Solutions Architect

Transforming Healthcare with AI and IoT: 5 Key Insights from Our Solutions Architect
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The healthcare sector is rapidly evolving with the integration of AI and IoT technologies. Tim Young, our Senior Solutions Architect at, recently shared his expertise on how these advancements are revolutionizing healthcare. Here are the five key insights:

1. Revolutionizing healthcare operations


“The healthcare market is a great place that we love to focus on and we have a kind of tried and true roadmap to optimize all of your operations along what we call the inpatient journey. The focus here is to transform care, transform the way that both staff and patients feel and their experience and the efficiency in which they move through these workflows.

We can start with staff and enable them to feel safe and valued through staff safety solutions. We can start with care operations, medical device management which allows for a great amount of savings for even just a small 200-bed facility because it helps realize medical equipment waste optimizing the asset utilization.

We’re increasing the rate of your equipment fleet’s utilization in a very short amount of time because deployment doesn’t take so long”​​.

2. Why customers love


“So as we’re looking at transforming both care and carpeted real estate and other industries there’s been a decent trend of very obvious reasons why customers love And I’ve got them broken down here into three buckets: easy, fast and scalable. So the reason we’re easy, it’s easy to buy, easy to use and it’s very easy to deploy.

During the pandemic we were doing I’ll call them DIY installs, shipping equipment and facilities or whomever was available was doing the installations because we weren’t allowed to come on site. So we’re able to go up very simply. You don’t need a degree in RTLS to get these systems up and running. And that ease of use and deployment ties into the second piece which is we deliver fast outcomes.

So we’re the industry’s number one time to value because we’re so fast to deploy the systems up and running and now we’re able to realize that ROI faster”​​.

3. Decoupled architecture for adaptability


“Our architecture, as I mentioned before, we call it decoupled. And I’ll explain the three buckets here. So I’ve got room sensors, tags, and IoT devices, gateways and our cloud APIs and applications.

The room sensors and tags are your devices that are moving around, they’re broadcasting to room sensors that are providing some additional information about the state of a room or providing some room-level location. And these are all built on standard Bluetooth connectivity which means a couple of things. One, they’re low cost. And two, they have superior battery performance.

And it’s kind of in the name: Bluetooth low energy (BLE). The amount of energy it takes to transmit a BLE packet is much smaller than other methods of communication.”​​

4. Human-centric product design


[…] we build human-centric products which means humans are going to be the ones using them. Your regular folks are going to be the ones using it. Things are labeled quite clearly. They’re fun to hold. They look nice. The simplicity helps us solve for the human-centric piece because as humans we don’t have to work on a very complicated piece of software if I don’t need to. So all of our applications are designed to be simple.”​​

5. Real-world success stories


“And I’ve got two real-world examples for you. The one is the U.S.’s largest health systems. They’ve got 41,000 licensed beds and chose for mainly those three reasons that I mentioned is that they knew they could scale with us massively and they knew we could go fast and they knew we could also provide this transitional Bluetooth network as they migrated to a new AP infrastructure.

And we’re installing 147 hospitals in just under nine months and this means around 600,000 IoT devices are going to be in the network. And already we’re seeing a $40 million annual ROI for the use case and we’re tracking assets, medical device management”​​.

Let’s revolutionize healthcare, together

Our mission is to deliver innovative AI and IoT solutions that genuinely enhance healthcare operations. By focusing on user-friendly, scalable, and fast-to-deploy technologies, we ensure our clients can quickly realize substantial ROI. We understand the importance of creating environments where staff feel safe and valued, and where patient care is optimized.

Together, we can revolutionize healthcare, one solution at a time. Stay tuned for more insights and advancements, and let’s explore how our technologies can transform your operations.