A Tour of Simon AI, an IoT Game-Changer for SMBs

March 5, 2019

Remember when it used to take scores of engineers, months of development, and tens of thousands of dollars to implement an IoT solution?
Of course you do! Because it’s a headache that companies are still dealing with today. Which has made IoT a technological and financial leap of faith - especially for small and medium-sized businesses.
At Kontakt.io, we’re proud to announce that we’re changing this by simplifying the way IoT solutions are bought, distributed and deployed, with Simon AI.
We’re bringing SMBs and agile business teams like you a comprehensive solution for competing in a rapidly changing digital world in an easy to use, plug and play format. No development or IT experience required.

A Game-Changer for SMBs

Today, a major shift is underway. For over six years, Kontakt.io has been delivering premium BLE hardware and infrastructure for small and large businesses alike. We’ve learned a lot over that time. Mainly, that IoT is really complex. And no product has been capable of isolating the value-added of IoT at a time and cost scale adapted to small and medium sized businesses.

That’s why we built Simon AI.
A truly end-to-end IoT product, Simon AI isn’t another IoT platform. It’s a workflow-centric analytics suite that delivers SMBs with a flexible, easy to use solution made to solve the most common and costly use cases facing industry today.
We’ve leveraged our know-how as a world class IoT company to create something many others can’t: IoT for all.
Ok maybe not IoT for all - but for many. Simon AI is currently optimized for operational environments like manufacturing and warehousing. Healthcare and commercial buildings are also largely supported. It’s a flexible product that can be adapted to a range of industries and use cases.
Many industries struggle with the same problems, like tracking equipment and business processes, improving their storage and inventory management, and better-securing the workplace environment. We know this, because our beacon hardware is used in most indoor location tracking and environmental condition monitoring cases today.
But not all companies are competing with the same resources. Simon AI is a game-changer for small and medium-sized companies who couldn’t justify IoT adoption because they simply couldn’t afford to fail. Now, you don’t need to worry about failing. Simon AI is a tried and tested plug and play solution suitable for use in nearly any indoor industrial environment.

An End to End Solution for Common Business Problems

So how can Simon AI help your business? If you’re like Rob, a proactive warehouse manager, then you know that reducing operating costs is a major KPI to your warehouse’s performance. Non-value adding activities need to be kept to a minimum as every minute counts.
Many of the most common factors that contribute to worker efficiency, a key variable in operating costs, can be defined by location.
How is warehouse space optimized? Where do workers spend most of their time? Where are common areas of congestion? Or accidents?
Simon AI was built for location-based IoT use cases.
By bringing together data from sensors and workflow management technologies, Simon can quickly identify inefficiencies in everyday business operations and deliver warehouse managers, like Rob, with actionable insights.

Simon AI component overview
- Sensors (IoT): Environmental sensors like temperature, humidity, and accelerometer
- Location (RTLS): Locating where someone or something is in a defined area
- Workflows: Activities related to value-adding operations

Other common challenges Simon AI addresses are incident reporting, tracking precise worker and material workflows in a production line, or knowing who is where on the production floor at any given time.
All of these location-based use cases are now easily managed through one platform.
And the best part is that Simon AI is end to end. Why is that important?
Because end to end means simplification. It means you work with one company for the entirety of the solution. We deliver you with everything you need to benefit from next-generation operational excellence without the need to bring in multiple stakeholders.
In this way, Simon AI is the first solution of its kind and the simplest way for SMBs to begin building a winning operational and digital strategy.

Using Simon AI

Long has the search for a simplified IoT solution that delivers on both ease of use and cost been going on.
As CEO Philipp von Gilsa pointed out, “Simplifying IoT means bringing down costs, speeding up installations, and delivering location and sensor insights to actual stakeholders, bypassing IT and data departments.”
It takes a company with deep expertise and solid partnerships to bring a unified solution like this to market. At Kontakt.io, we’re confident that Simon AI will help small and medium-sized businesses to compete, bring their businesses online, and strive for greater operational efficiency and security.

Have a project in mind? Schedule a demo to discuss your business case and learn more about pricing plans.

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