The Gateway to Easier Beacon Management

Beacon deployments are becoming bigger and more complex than ever before, beacons are going where they’ve never been before and powering more interactions than ever. As the infrastructure of proximity solutions expands, managing beacon fleets and the data they send becomes more challenging.

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What is beacon gateway?

In smaller use cases, it’s easy to go around to each individual beacon with an app-enabled smartphone and check their status but there is a point where this becomes impractical. What do you do when you have fifty or a hundred beacons?
That’s where our new Gateway comes in.

How to easily manage beacon?

Manage everything from one place

What is beacon gateway? Gateway takes feedback from all the beacons in your fleet and makes it all easily accessible in the cloud.
Using its proprietary Location Engine software that powers Gateway, it tracks information about the health and performance and movement of every beacon in your proximity infrastructure and uses WiFi to send the data to the cloud, where you can follow it in real time. Gateway replaces the need to use a smartphone to interact with your beacons and even performs many of the functions that you previously needed your own application for.
Gateway can inform you about issues that require your attention now to avoid or minimize difficulties later. You can be alerted to problems like low battery life or a beacon disappearing from your network without having to physically check each one individually.
You can use the data it collects to develop solutions for workplace management, design new efficiencies, track inventory and assets, monitor points of interest for customers, record employee attendance and in any number of other ways.

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Track, follow and make maps

Analyzing the information that Gateway gathers gives you valuable information about the flow of movement through spaces. It could be the movement of people of things and the spaces can be of any size or configuration. Looking at movement at the macro level can help to identify bottlenecks and other problem areas and alert you to the need for appropriate changes.
The Gateway can also trigger actions based on the movement of beacons. Send push notifications when a beacon enters or leaves a certain area, enable access to restricted zones, send emails to a database or anything else a custom application can do.

Trigger actions can be applied to everyday matters like staff attendance. When employees have a card beacon, they don’t need to bother with messy and sometimes inaccurate time sheets. Their arrival and departure will be relayed to the Gateway, which can then make an entry on a spreadsheet with anonymized beacon id’s that record the precise times.

And all of this is just the beginning. Gateway is in Beta until the end of 2016 and its possibilities as a platform will expand with new functionalities and better location capabilities.’s Gateway is the, well, gateway to a new era in proximity solutions so contact us to learn more about what’s coming!