Kontakt.io's Slim Beacon Battery and IoT-Friendly Products

August 31, 2016

We here at Kontakt.io love beacons and Industrial IoT. After three years of making world class beacons, we decided it was time to move forward. However, there were some things we just were not happy with. Why can’t we make smaller beacons? Smarter, more powerful beacons? Technology keeps changing, and so have our beacons. This time, the changes we have made are so significant that we can proudly say we are releasing the next generation of beacons. Here’s why you should choose slim beacon battery.

We have been listening to our customers for three years, hearing not only what beacons were doing right but what they could be doing better.

Our already world-class beacons are turning over a new leaf with added features like better beacon battery life, ultimate portability, and unprecedented data capabilities. They are supported by a brand new piece of software that will open up new opportunities for solution providers looking to enter the asset tracking industry. These are the products that will power Industry 4.0, whether you are a new user or leveling up an existing ecosystem.

Table of contents:

slim Beacon Battery

Thinnest and slim Beacon Battery yet

If you want to track moving assets, the Card Beacon is just what the manager ordered. It is a tracking powerhouse that comes with built-in RFiD tags, an optional NFC tag and is the most discreet beacon possible. The Card Beacon is only 2 mm (that is 0.08 inches) thick, but it can last for 18 months.* Existing card beacon products are some 3 mm thick, and Kontakt.io went through a series of beacon-world firsts to bring the Card Beacon to life. We used ultra-thin Printed Circuit Boards (0.2 mm!), and a beacon battery so small some thought it would be impossible—but we did it. *18 monthsat 33% duty cycle and 11 months at 100%. But we didn’t stop. We added the world’s smallest on/off switch. We added sensors to make your Card Beacons aware of their environment, able to go into power-saving mode when you don’t use them. We want you to have a beacon infrastructure that is automated inside and out. The result is one proud hardware team and the world’s slimmest card beacon. slimmest beacon battery iot products

Smarter and longer-lasting

The Beacon Pro represents the beginning of a new generation of more mature beacon products. It includes a clip for easy mounting and an LED for easy location; just open our Admin App and the beacon you’re looking for instantly lights up. The Beacon Pro starts off with a default 60-month battery life that can be seriously extended with its sensor-based power saving mode or by using a USB power source. By drawing on the beacon’s built-in sensors, the beacon will also lower its transmission frequency and power when not in use. It can also be configured to power down after a particular time of day or night. These sensors also mean you will receive less noise in your data, saving you time and reducing data storage costs. slim beacon battery iot friendly products

Gateway lets you use that data

The Gateway’s primary objective is to help you keep track of your Kontakt.io beacon products without a smartphone, completely altering the way we interact with modern beacons. Normally, beacon signals become meaningful only when in contact with a smart device. While this has brought great changes to Industrial IoT, it is not the future. The Gateway can even push your beacons’ data to the cloud automatically so you don’t have to. Just by accessing local WiFi, your beacon infrastructure advances towards the seamless systems that Industry 4.0 aspires to. Once your beacons’ data is in the cloud, the real fun begins. Fully supported by our API and SDKs, the Location Engine lets you turn your Kontakt.io beacon movements and performance into data. This is a foundational platform to easily integrate your apps and programs with a beacon system. By laying this groundwork, we hope to enable solution providers with the tools to turn their existing apps and platforms into robust systems.

Because the Gateway is still in Beta, everyone can join in and make an impact on the final product!

Thinnest and slim Beacon Battery yet
Check out our beacons Need a demo? Use a smartphone to check out our Software Gateway and push your beacon data to the Location Engine. What you do with it is up to you. Need something else? Want to learn more about our beacons or hear more about our slim beacon battery? Drop us a line!

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