Set up Your Gateways and Make Use Of Beacon Pro Sensors with iOS Admin App 2.3.0

June 29, 2017

Our latest iOS App version brings bug fixes and two new features to make your life easier--especially if you have Beacon Pros and Gateways to manage:

    • Gateway setup. You no longer need to plug a Gateway into your computer and edit the config file to change WiFi configuration on your Gateway—you can use the iOS App! Please note, this feature works only on Gateways running on v1.1.5 and up.
  • Beacon Pro sensor readings. A feature our Android App users are already familiar with: you can now easily access Beacon Pro sensor data as well as the current time and light level on a beacon. Additionally, the new section allows you to synchronize the time with servers and trigger a beacon’s LED so you can find it quickly.

Make sure to update your iOS app to get the new features!
If you use our Admin App for Android, you already have these features. Find out more here:

Aneta Ciurkot

Director, Product Marketing

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