Putting Kontakt.io’s New Beacon Products to Use in the Industrial IoT

August 30, 2016

The Internet of Things is transforming the way we do business. Connected, wireless, and seamless, future systems should be able to integrate every moving cog and make it look easy. Are you ready for the newest Industrial IoT?
We have been in the beacon space for years, and we have seen what really causes problems for beacon users. The pains of deployment and maintenance are too often considered a necessary evil. Instead of just building more of the same beacons, we wanted to help bring the technology to maturation and make sure Industrial IoT will never be the same.
This product launch has been a long time coming, and we have perfected not one but FOUR new products for the beacon market.

Track moving items and save energy

Slip a lanyard through it, and the Card Beacon looks just like any other ID. Except that this ID can do so much more:

  • trigger context-relevant actions,
  • let you know where your employees are,
  • or where your event attendees are spending most of their time.

Your assets move, and so should your beacons. The Card Beacon is so thin it can easily be slipped in with your assets, no matter where they are going. Beaconizing those moving assets will enable you to track their location so that you can manage your space more efficiently and cut out all unnecessary processes. Even when you aren’t in the building.

Phenomenal in terms of the level of technology they managed to put into that piece.”  
-Michael Moss, Tapptic

For those with existing tracking systems, no worries. We gave the Card Beacon a built-in RFID tag, with the additional option to add an NFC tag, so you can make the move steadily and surely towards a better, industry 4.0-friendly infrastructure.

Never replace another battery (unless you want to)

We wanted to create a beacon that was smart, practical, and in-line with what modern professionals should expect from a beacon infrastructure.

The Beacon Pro features a default 60 month battery life, sensor-based power saving and can even be powered by USB. This beacon was designed to make your infrastructure not just cooler but smarter. Using sensors, the Beacon Pro can be used to automatically trigger actions depending on the level of light or movement and go into power saving mode when it’s unused. That means cutting out the useless data and cutting costs of data storage.
With the Beacon Pro, there is also no need to tape, nail, or will your beacons to the wall. We added a much-needed mounting clip to the Pro, so you can easily take it off the wall when you need to replace the batteries.

You don’t need a smartphone to gather data

Our Gateway represents an entirely new way to interact with beacons. We have erased the need for a smartphone, and now your Gateway can push all that meaningful data to the cloud for analysis.

Hook up a Gateway and let the data come to you. Once an infrastructure is established, all you need to do is log on remotely to see what is happening.
The Gateway works in conjunction with our Location Engine (which is much more exciting than it sounds). This engine can help you:

  • locate assets or people,
  • display the range of your beacons on a heatmap,
  • collect and analyze beacon data,
  • and trigger truly proximity-based, individualized events.

Use the program to trigger emails, tweets, or keep an automated list of anyone who enters or exits your office.
Check out these beacons

Need a demo? Use a smartphone to check out our Software Gateway and push your beacon data to the Location Engine. What you do with it is up to you.
Need more? If you are intrigued but not ready to click “buy,” drop us a line!

Hannah Augur

Content writer / tech blogger / geek based in Berlin. Hannah reports on all things tech and has a medium-sized tolerance for buzzwords.

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